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bioWORLD RNA/DNA Isolation

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  • bioWORLD's EZ Yeast Plasmid Isolation Kit uses a spin column based easy protocol to purify yeast plasmid DNA. Eluted plasmid DNA can be used for E. coli trasformation, PCR, and Southern blot analysis. Possible to isolate high yield yeast plasmid without glass beads, phenol, or repeated…

  • For isolation of high quality genomic DNA from plant leaf tissue. Isolated DNA quality compatible for restriction enzyme digestion and PCR. Suitable for isolation of DNA from sources rich in polysaccharides and polyphenolics.   Kit content includes solutions and buffers as well as detailed…

  • This kit and procedure will allow the the preparation of both a cytoplasmic fraction and a nuclear extract from mammalian cells or tissue. Contains reagents for 250 preps of 20uL packed cell pellets or 50 preparations of 100uL cell pellets (~10g cell paste total). Kit Contents …

  • bio-WORLD's bioZOLTM-G RNA Isolation Reagent is a single phase solution designed specifically for the isolation of pure, intact RNA from tissue and cells of human, animal, plant, bacterial or viral origin in less than 90 minutes. The reagent is a complete kit that utilizes guanidine thiocyanate…

  • Consists of a single reagent conveniently used for the quick, efficient and robost method for genomic DNA extraction from yeast colony. Features: Low-cost DNA extraction method Quick Convenient Few colonies needed  

  • A ready-to-use solution for complete lysis of bacterial cells and removal of RNA from plasmid DNA mini-preps. Contains Rnase A and lysozyme. Biotechnology Grade

  • High molecular weight DNA can be isolated either from frozen tissue or tissue culture cells. Isolated DNA is tested by restriction enzyme digestion and a photograph is provided for quality assurance.

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