Beginning with our next email, we will be changing the address from where our emails are sent to connect@thomassci.com .

Please look at the whitelisting instructions below to make sure you continue to receive our email and you don’t miss out on all the special offers and new content.

Whitelisting instructions:

Gmail: Simply, drag an email from connect@thomassci.com (Thomas Scientific) into the “primary” tab of your inbox and all future emails from us will appear here.

Outlook: Right click on an email from Thomas Scientific and select “Junk Email Options…” and add connect@thomassci.com (Thomas Scientific) to your “Safe Senders” list.

Yahoo: Select the “+” icon next to “From” when opening a Thomas Scientific email and select “Add to Contacts”. 

Every email system is different, so if we didn’t list yours here, be sure to check with your provider’s customer service or your IT department for instructions on how to add connect@thomassci.com to your whitelisted emails.

Thank you for your continued support.