Wooden Applicator Sticks

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Wooden Applicator Sticks
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  • Multi-use applicator stick, for applying or stirring medicines Made for general purpose functionality. Choose the size and shape that works best for your applications — specimen transfer, mixing rods, and laboratory work. Made with straight cut ends.

  • 6" tapered wooden applicator sticks for tissue marking dyes. 1,000/Box

  • …contamination Disposable combination of swab and transport tube, units are sterilized and individually packaged 6” swab with cotton tip is enclosed in clear polystyrene tube, 4” x 3/4” Swab stick held in friction-fit cap, allowing sealing or partial closure.

  • For use with transport of broth media 6” long applicator with polyester fiber tip Sterile, individually wrapped in peel-apart package.

  • Minimize accidental contamination in collection and transporting of specimens Swab stick is attached to cap with screw cap closure Length 5 3/4”; polystyrene tube 6”x 3/4” Can be transferred to tube of standard tubed media for culturing. Cap is color-coded…

  • Genomic DNA Spooling Kit


    …to the DNA mixture. Using a glass rod or wooden spooling stick, the ethanol can be gently pushed down into the DNA solution. The charged DNA molecules move away from the ethanol and can be scooped up and swirled around a glass rod or wooden spooling stick. This is called  DNA spooling . DNA…

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