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Aries Filterworks

  • WaterPro PS Polishing Stations


    Thomas Nos. 1203W54-1203W56 WaterPro RO Station delivers RO water. May be connected to laboratory glassware washer or polishing system. Water is dispensed manually or through optional gun. Features 17L storage tank and Type 304 stainless steel front panel. Wall mountable. Prefilter/Carbon Filter…

  • MicroPure Water Purification Systems


    …the water purification system, ultrapure polishing cartridge, sterile 0.2 micron final filter, uv lamp, and all necessary tubing to connect incoming feed water supply MicroPure UV-ST Package* Includes: the water purification system, built-in 6L feed water reservoir, ultrapure polishing

  • Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™ Pro Water Purification System

    Thermo Scientific

    …Type 1 and Type II water. Lasting economy: Water purification progresses through independent cartridges with Aquastop quick connects for fast replacement Module 1 reverse osmosis catridges to remove up to 99% of tap water impurities Module 2 includes a polishing cartridge that…

  • Alto™ Type 1 Ultrapure Water System

    Avidity Science

    …Comprehensive monitoring of water quality including TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Integral boost pump to deal with varying feedwater pressure The Alto is suitable for Type 1 water usage of up to 120 liters per hour (adequate feed water must be available). Type 1 water is suitable for…

  • WaterPro Water Purification System


    WaterPro RO Station delivers RO water. May be connected to laboratory glassware washer or polishing system. Water is dispensed manually or through optional gun. Features 17L storage tank and Type 304 stainless steel front panel. Wall mountable. Prefilter/Carbon Filter Kit 9067201 & Reverse Osmosis…

  • Direct-Q® 3 Remote Water Purification System


    …185nm UV lamp reduces the levels of organics for critical applications. You can fine-tune your ultrapure water quality to match your applications using Application specific point-of-use polishers to remove specific contaminants such as bacteria, particulates, pyrogen, nucleases, endocrine disruptors…

  • Duo™ Dual Quality Type 2 and Type 1 Water System

    Avidity Science

    … Dispense options Ultrapure water directly from the unit Ultrapure water from a remote dispenser DI water from the reservoir Features Space saving with 2 water qualities from one unit Fast variable dispense of ultrapure water – up to 2 liters per minute …

  • Smart2Pure Water Purification Systems


    …Deliver ultrapure 18.2 megohm water from tap water with consistent quality, outstanding flexibility and great savings. Smart2Pure UV 3LPH Package Includes: the Water Purification System, Built in 6L Reservoir, Built in Pressure Regulator, Ultrapure Polishing Cartridge, RO Membrane, UV Lamp,…

  • WaterPro RO Bladder Tanks


    WaterPro RO Bladder Tanks provide additional storage of reverse osmosis water produced by the WaterPro RO Station. The pressurized water can be distributed to a polishing station (such as the WaterPro® PS) or to a glassware washer (such as the FlaskScrubber® or SteamScrubber®) through…

  • IWT Ionxchangers

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    …high purity water Easy installation anywhere with hose or compression tubing Visual indicator of exhausted resin by color change High capacity compared to many other disposables - up to 1800 grains High flow rates up to 7.2 GPH Single or triple distillation water quality Transparent…

  • WaterPro Mobile Stand


    WaterPro RO/PS Mobile Stand adds portability to the WaterPro RO Station and WaterPro PS Polishing Station. Constructed of epoxy-coated steel with 2" diameter hard rubber casters. Includes hardware to mount the WaterPro RO and WaterPro PS back-to-back on the stand. A single WaterPro RO may be mounted…

  • Quantum® TEX Polishing Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® systems. Contains Organex & Ionex Resins for trace levels of organics and ions.

  • Quantum® ICP Polishing Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® Element and Q-POD® Element systems. Dedicated to elemental trace analysis (ppt or sub-ppt).

  • Q-Gard® TL Polishing Cartridge


    Contains virgin ion-exchange resins for Elix® 20/35/70/100 systems.

  • QPAK® TEX Polishing Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® Direct systems.


    Thermo Scientific

    …: Cartridges sold separately. Ideal for applications requiring up to 38L/hr. of purified water Point-of-use polishing of pretreated water or single-stage treatment of tap water Direct-reading purity monitor Inlet pressure range: 5 to 70psi (0.35 to 4.9kg/cm 2 )…

  • PRO-WIPE® OS Wiper


    …nonwoven High loft and soft texture No binders, surfactants or other chemical additives Specifically designed to absorb oil and repel water Low linting Silicone free Pro-Wipe® OS complies with FDA 21 CRF 177.1520 for food grade applications Applications Oil absorbent…

  • Quantum® EX Polishing Cartridge

    EMD Millipore

    For Milli-Q® systems. Contains Organex & Ionex Resins for trace levels of organics and ions.

  • Waterpro Polishing Stations Accessories


    …contaminants. It can be used with the hollow fiber final filter. Support stand permits polishing station to be bench mounted. Stand is constructed of glacier white epoxy-coated steel. Dimensions (with polishing station attached): 31 1/8” W x 35 1/3” D x 16 1/8” H (79 x 90 x 41…

  • Certified Nuclease Free Water


    …transfection, oocyte injection and all other research applications. Water is sterile filtered and steam sterilized inside final packaging to ensure sterility. Water purified with RO, CDI, 18 megohm, and 0.2Tm filtered, UV polished Each lot is assayed for nuclease activity Ideal for RT-PCR…

  • Water Jacket CO2 Incubators

    Thermo Scientific

    …stack configuration Superior water jacket design for unexcelled security Water Jacket CO2 incubators protect your cultures by surrounding them with an insulated triple-wall cabinet construction and a jacket of temperature conditioned water, providing unsurpassed protection against…

  • Cartridge Kit for Arium Ultrapure Water Systems


    …ultrapure water systems. The set includes 2 water purification cartridges: 1 x prefilter cartridge 1 x polishing cartridge H2O-U-PACK (1213R38) The Universal Kit is a cartridge set for an arium ultrapure water system that is fed by tap water. This set includes 2 water

  • Accessories for Avidity Science Water Systems

    Avidity Science

    …application. The Avidity water systems are available with three sizes of water storage tanks: 30, 60 and 100 liters for storage of the RO or DI water.  Water can be used directly from the tank or tank can feed polisher systems for 18.2 MΩ-cm water quality. Manufactured from…

  • Replacement Cartridges for Laboratory Water Purification Systems

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    …in water cooling loop applications. For use on feed water containing less than 10 ppm ionized solids. Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Contains a mixture of cation and anion resins in a mixed bed to purify water up to 18.2 megohm-cm. Used to polish pretreated water, or to produce high-purity water in…

  • Mica, Water Ground, 325 Mesh

    Spectrum Chemical

    …as a colorant with opacifying properties. Its reflective and refractive properties make mica an important ingredient in makeup, moisturizing lotions, toothpastes, and nail polish. It appears as a clear, lustrous, crystalline solid plates and is insoluble in cold water. CAS Number: 12001-26-2

  • EASYpure® Water Purification System and Cartridges


    …Ultrafiltration (UV/UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO). Water is compensated to 25°C. On-off and standby modes re-circulate water for ten minutes each hour. Pump maintains purity without wasting water. Exceeds ASTM, NCLLS and CAP type 1 water standards. Feed water requires pretreatment by reverse osmosis,…

  • Nanopure Infinity Reagent Grade Water Systems


    …Four individual cartridges are available for all applications. Standby mode recirculates water for ten minutes every hour to maintain purity. Flow rate up to 2.0 L/min. Regulating valve permits use of feed water pressure up to 100 psig. UV models utilize a dual wavelength lamp (185 and 254 nm). UF…

  • Stain-Away™ Instrument Wipes


    Micro-Scientific™ Stain-Away™ Instrument Wipes clean, polish and protect surgical instruments. They remove rust, stains, water deposits and tarnish,and polish dull, discolored metal. Removes rust, stains, water deposits and tarnish. Rinses spot & residue-free. …

  • Silicone Carbide Powder, 150 Gr, 1 lb.


    Accessory for K39900 LPG Copper Strip Corrosion Test Water Bath. For final polishing of copper strips prior to testing. 150-grit 1 lb. package

  • Bantam Deionizer


    … Can be used with any PCS cartridge - most often used with ULTRApure or high capacity-type Point of use polishing of pre-treated water or single stage treatment of tap water Equipped with direct reading purity meter Resistivity can be directly read from 25,000 to 18,000,000 ohms-cm;…

  • EASY DAB® Crème Cleanser

    National Chemical Laboratories

    An extremely effective viscous crème cleanser designed for polishing porcelain, ceramics and other hard surfaces. This highly thixotropic formulation consists of fine polishing aids, detergents, rust removers, water softeners and wetting agents to provide easy cleaning. Features &…

  • SCRUBS® Stainless Steel Cleaner Towels

    ITW Dymon

    …clean, polish, brighten and protect all in one step. This powerful formula prevents water marks and corrosion and preserves the high luster of stainless steel. They are ideal for bathrooms, drinking fountains, elevators, kitchens and more. Convenient one-step program Surface can be polished with…

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