Tissue Culture Plates 48 Well

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Tissue Culture Plates 48 Well
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  • Multiple Well Plates

    Celltreat Scientific

    Available in 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 well flat bottom configurations NEW — 96 well plates now available with a round bottom Plates are labeled with alpha-numeric markings for easy identification of individual wells Each well has a raised rim which nests into the rings on the single…

  • Non-Treated Cell Culture Plates

    NEST Scientific USA

    culture plates have round edges for better handling. Low profile, low-evaporation lid design assure uniform growth. Nontreated growth surface is more hydrophobic than tissue culture surface and is similiar to the surface of a bacteriological Petri dish. Small feet on the bottom corners of each plate

  • Roundwell Multidish Culture Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …dimensions: 56 x 82 mm. Suitable for single-cell cloning techniques, transplantation antigen assays (HL-A tissue typing) involving microdroplet lymphocyte procedures, etc. 6900A21 Tissue Culture Plate has 60 wells. 6900A23 Tissue Culture Plate has 72 wells. Furnished with covers in sleeves of ten.

  • … A wide variety of configurations including 6, 12, and 24 well      A broad selection of membrane pore sizes, 0.4, 1.0, 3.0, and 8.0 µm diameter     Packed in individual blister packs, 48 inserts/case      Non-Tissue Culture-treated…

  • TC-Treated Cell Culture Plates

    NEST Scientific USA

    …100% virgin polystyrene Vacuum Plasma tissue culture treatment Clear lot number for batch traceability Peel-to-open, individually wrapped & sterilized by gamma irradiation Markings of well coordinates available for 12, 24, 48 and 96 well plates Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase FREE

  • tissue, Plant Tissue, Cell cultures, Fruit, Cannabis, Seeds, Yeast and Bacteria. Features Window in lid allows you to see the grinding process. Clamp also accommodates taller vials such as 12 x 15mL or 6 x 50mL falcon tubes. Clamp typically holds up to two titer plates or 48 x 2…

  • 0.95cm² growth area per well. Flat bottoms. Nonreversible lids with condensation rings to reduce contamination. Individual alphanumerical codes for well identification. Uniform footprint for ease in stacking. Corning® CellBIND® surface treated for optimal cell attachment. Sterilized by…

  • Treated for optimal cell attachment Packaged 12 inserts in a 12 well plate, 4 plates per case Excellent visibility under phase contrast microscopy Sterilized by gamma radiation Transwell cell culture inserts are convenient, easy-to-use permeable support devices for the study of…

  • …bottoms attached to polystyrene inserts They are used as tissue carriers, supports and strainers for culture of small organs, tissue slices or explants at the air-media interface Provides coarse filtration of tissue homogenates, cell suspensions and microcarriers Supplied sterile…

  • CoolRack® and CoolSink™ modules

    Brooks Life Sciences

    …from 200ul through 50ml. CoolSink™ plate holders accommodate 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, and 96-well plates and 50ml reagent reservoirs. CoolRacks® are gray in color unless noted. Ideal for PCR, protein/nucleic acid handling, tissue freezing, cell culture, virus and bacteria cooling and freezing. …

  • …to mix well. Bring the volume up to 100 ml with distilled water. The solution appears orange in color. Inoculate tubes with 1 to 2 drops of 18 to 24 hours old pure broth culture of a confirmed beta-haemolytic Streptococcus or with one to two isolated colonies from an original isolation plate.

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