Sterile Mineral Oil

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Sterile Mineral Oil
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  • Sterile, Heavy Mineral Oil

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Used as a sealant to create an anaerobic environment for biochemical tests such as decarboxylase; and oxidation and fermentation reactions.

  • …Caution: This product is not sterile. Mineral oil is difficult to sterilize. It can only be sterilized by careful filtration of the warmed oil. It is assumed antibiotics will be added to the cell culture medium. Otherwise, Prod. No. M5310 should be used, as it is sterile filtered. Packaging: 5,…

  • CAS No.: 8042-47-5 Density: 0.82-0.88g/mLat 25°C Application: Commonly used and recommended for overlaying mouse embryo cultures to prevent drying during the procedure. Features and Benefits: Ready-to-use sterile filtered product conveniently packaged in HDPE bottles.

  • Vacuum/Pressure Pur Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …applications Nalgene® 8030 Clear, flexible polyurethane Usable with fuels and oils, weak acids, alkalies and aliphatic or mineral spirit solvents; not recommended for strong mineral acids, aromatic or halogenated solvents Contains no plasticizers and has low levels of…

  • …100 ml cotton seed or olive oil or substrate being used should be added and agitated vigorously to emulsify. This emulsified substrate can be used for studying lipolysis. HiVeg hydrolysate and yeast extract are the sources of carbon, nitrogen, vitamins and minerals. Spirit blue is the indicator…

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