Large Volume Syringe

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Large Volume Syringe
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  • TLL Syringe


    The Hamilton Super Syringe is a large volume Gastight syringe. These syringes are ideal for dispensing volumes from 50 mL up to 2 L. The Super Syringe is the only Hamilton syringe that is made with an acrylic barrel instead of a glass barrel.

  • Jumbo Syringes


    Designed for holding and dispensing large volumes of gas Heavy duty acrylic barrels Easy access to sample for the addition of standards or removal of subsample via secondary port Plunger stem can be unscrewed for ease of transportation and storage Ideal for calibration of medical…

  • Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzers


    …level detection and collision protection Probe cleaning: Automatic washing for both inside and outside, carry over <0.1% Syringe: High performance syringe, durable and maintenance free Optional item: Bar code reader Reagent System Reagent Tray: 44 positions for Single…

  • The Stepper™ 411 Repeating Pipette


    …trigger action pipette eliminates thumb fatigue. Selected materials offer good shock resistance and compact shape greatly limit internal contamination. Up to 73 doses within large selection of 53 different volumes. Volumes range from 10 to 5000 µL. NOTE: Work Station sold separately.

  • KDS260 Push-Pull Syringe Pumps

    KD Scientific

    …to hold an additional syringe so that as one syringe infuses, while the second syringe withdraws at the same rate. The Push/Pull mode is designed for one cycle only. Features Holds up to four syringes, 10 µl to 60 ml each. With large syringes, the full volume may not be usable. …



    Volume 1 mL Syringe Type Gastight Syringe Series 1000 Termination Removable Needle (RN) Needle Large RN Gauge No Needle Included Point Style No Needle Included Needle Length No Needle Included Std. Needle…

  • Whatman Polydisc In-Line Filters, Ground Water

    GE Healthcare

    …samples 100% quartz fiber prefilter with low heavy metal content allows filtration of larger volumes of even heavily particle-laden samples Certified low background metal values for heavy metal testing Large 20.4 cm² filtration area Tubing nozzle compatible with 6–14 mm i.d. hose Hydrophilic,…

  • Whatman Polydisc In-Line Filters, Heavy Duty

    GE Healthcare

    …for large volumes of liquid samples containing even harsh chemical solvents. GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business offers a wide range of high-throughput, in-line Whatman membrane options. Polydisc HD high flow filter for large sample volumes Labs that regularly process large sample volumes

  • 30mm Syringe Filter Glass Microfiber 0.7um 100 / Pk 500 / Cs

    National Scientific

    Thermo Scientific™ Target2 GMF (Glass MicroFiber) Syringe Filters offer a larger porosity membrane; able to remove large particulates without clogging. Solvent-resistant Low-extractable polypropylene housing Syringe filters can be sterilized by autoclave at 125° for 15…

  • Whatman PolyVENT Integral Vent Filters

    GE Healthcare

    … Manufactured in clean room facilities Range of filtration areas from 4–1000 cm² to support filtration volumes as small as one liter and as large as a large tank vessel 0.2 µm hydrophobic PTFE air filters are ideal industrial air filter mediaValidated for 50 steam…

  • Syringe Type Membrane Filters

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …non-aqueous solvents Non-sterile Autoclavable Syringe Prefilters, Glass Fiber (4618S89) For use with viscous solutions or to remove large particles For use on a syringe for clarification or pre-filtration of small volumes of fluids Disposable 25 mm filters, utilizing a…

  • Multi-Purpose Containers with Rotor & Hinged Opening Lid


    …space Available holders and brackets secure containers wherever needed Plastics and pigments are safe to autoclave or incinerate For use on countertops or mounted on the wall Economical horizontal drop maximizes container volume Large horizontal openings accommodate larger syringes

  • Captiva Econofilters

    Agilent Technologies

    High-quality Econofilters are shipped in large packs and are ideal for busy labs that need fast, efficient filtration. Ideal for busy, high-volume labs Choose from a variety of membrane types and pore sizes  



    Volume 500 µL Syringe Type Microliter Syringe Series 700 Termination Removable Needle (RN) Needle Large RN Gauge 22 gauge Point Style 2 Needle Length 2 inch (51 mm) Needle Inner Diameter 0.0161…

  • 250 µL, Model 1825 RN SYR


    Volume 250 µL Syringe Type Gastight Syringe Series 1800 Termination Removable Needle (RN) Needle Large RN Gauge 22s gauge Point Style 2 Needle Length 2 inch (51 mm) Needle Inner Diameter 0.0059…

  • Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers


    …space Available holders and brackets secure containers wherever needed Plastics and pigments are safe to autoclave or incinerate For use on countertops or mounted on the wall Economical horizontal drop maximizes container volume Large horizontal openings accomodate larger syringes

  • Precision Boyle'S Law Apparatus

    United Scientific Supplies

    …of 0 - 500kPa. Pressure is applied using a supplied high pressure bicycle pump, which allows precise fine control for making a large series of measurements or for using the volume proportions method. A needle valve allows for controlled pressure release and a vent knob is provided for the tube.

  • Fastcap w/Pes 0.2MIC 90mm Cs10

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene Large-Volume FastCap Bottle Top Filter is easy to use - just place on bottle mouth, apply vacuum and start filtering. FastCap Bottle Top Filters are for filtration of up to 5 liters of fluid. Material: polystyrene housing with a polyethersulfone…

  • CultureGard® HF Perfusion Filters

    Spectrum Med

    …a large surface area for faster flow rates under lower pressures. Lower pressure during filtration reduces the risk of the membrane clogging or rupturing. The DynaFibre Membrane is hydrophilic so there is minimum hold-up volume. The combination of faster flow rates and minimum hold-up volume makes…

  • BRAND® HandyStep® Touch and HandyStep® Touch S repeating pipettes


    …HandyStep® touch S repeating pipettes bring touchscreen convenience to repetitive pipetting. A large screen provides complete access to all features for simple dispensing, auto dispensing, or single volume positive displacement pipetting, with the ability to save favorites. The HandyStep®…

  • BigPrep™ 2 x 50mL Adapter

    MP Biomedicals

    …avoiding cross contamination ocurring with traditional homogenization methods such as syringe shearing, sonication, or mortar and pestle grinding. BigPrep™ 2 x 50 mL Adapter is a large sample volume adapter that is ideally suited for DNA and RNA isolation, enzyme isolation and protein…

  • Maxipettor


    The Eppendorf Maxipettor is a large volume pipette optimized for work with viscous or high-vapor pressure solutions. It also allows for aspirating liquids from large bottles or tall, narrow vessels when using the Maxitip S system. Its super easy, one-hand operation significantly speeds up pipetting…

  • MICROMAN® E Positive-Displacement Pipettors


    …changing the volume during pipetting cycles. Improved comfort and ease-of-use: A newly shaped handle, with an added finger hook, rests comfortably in your hand Fully visible volumeter on the front of the body, so you can easily see the volume while pipetting Large push button…

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