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Laboratory Blender
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  • 1-Liter Laboratory Blender


    …and two piece vinyl and styrene lid. Overall Height: 15 inches/16 inches Weight: 11 lbs./13 lbs./13lbs. Listing: UL Two-speed blenders with timer offer a mechanical 1-minute timer that allows automatic shutoff and a push-button speed control for 18,000 and 22,000 rpm operation.

  • Seven-Speed Laboratory Blender


    Base incorporates solid-state speed controller with push-button selection of seven blade speeds from 3,500 to 21,000 rpm Standard 1,250 mL borosilicate glass jar is included UL listed With 3-wire cord and plug for 120 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 0.7-hp. For Replacement Jar, see Thomas numbers…

  • 4-Liter Laboratory Blender


    …electronic membrane panel Two handles for safer, easier lifting, pouring and carrying Removable dishwasher-safe jar pad The LBC15 four-liter laboratory blender features a sealed, precision ball bearing system for a long service life. 3.75 HP motor offers 3 speeds plus pulse. High speed is 20,800…

  • Stomacher® 400 Circulator Lab Blender


    The world’s leading laboratory paddle blender for food microbiologists Enhanced organism recovery over square paddles Durable & reliable, designed for consistent use The gold standard in laboratory blenders No cross contamination between samples Simple to clean and…

  • Grindomix GM 200


    …products. A wide selection of lids and containers allows for adaptation of the mill to individual application requirements. The GRINDOMIX GM 200 meets and exceeds all special laboratory and analytical requirements and is a professional device superior to any commercial household mixer.

  • Blender Lextra 2 Speed


    This versatile two-speed blender is perfect for for general laboratory work and more. 2-speed ultra heavy-duty motor and blade Push-button controls easy to use and easy to find in dimly lit locations. Epoxy-coated motor housing Stainless steel container with handle and two-piece…

  • Two-Speed Laboratory Blender With Timer


    Powerful, 2-speed stainless steel blender has pitcher type handle and plastic lid with clear central access cap Low speed 15,600 rpm - high speed 20,000 rpm Working capacity 180 -1,900 mL Motor is series-wound, fan-cooled, with permanently lubricated bearings Overall dimensions 6 1/2”…

  • 75 Gram Pulverizer For Blenders


    Reduces 10 grams of tablets to powder in 10 seconds at 20,000 rpm PVC vinyl lid Body and pulverizing blades are of stainless steel Fits all Waring commercial laboratory blenders

  • BeadBug™ 6 Position Homogenizer


    …homogenization, tubes are spun briefly in a centrifuge, and the lysate removed with a pipette. Designed to fit the needs of medium throughput laboratories, the BeadBug 6 can simultaneously process up to six samples in 2.0ml tubes. With optional adapters,the unit will also accept two 5.0ml…

  • BioMixer


    …or chopping Practical: Can be used with any suitable vessel anywhere in your laboratory Handy and mobile: Easy to hold or clamp it on a lab ring stand Simple to use: No sample loss due to transfers from a blender vessel. Just hold it in a beaker or other vessel and turn on the switch Easy to…

  • Tissue-Tearor


    Small sample laboratory mixer and homogenizer Stainless steel rotor-stator Handy and mobile High speed, powerful 5,000 to 30,000 rpm motor with speed control Achieve any combination of mixing, emulsification, shredding or chopping. Homogenization in less than 1/2 mL treatable…

  • Hazardous Location Laboratory Blender Motor


    …enclosed - single phase, one speed universal motor Maximum ambient temperature rating 40°C Natural finished aluminum and steel housing Blender is designed to prevent the electrical arcing and heat generated within the motor housing during normal operation from igniting ambient atmospheres.…

  • Triple Mix Paddle Blender


    …Boekel Scientific Triple Mix Paddle Blender features 3 easy to remove paddles to ensure the appropriate circulation for blending your samples. This unit also features 3 programmable speeds and times along with an Auto-Run feature for those high volume laboratories. Product Features …

  • 1 Liter 2 Speed Blender With Tach Outlet (7011Hg)


    1-Liter Laboratory Blender with handle has a heat-resistant glass container and two-piece vinyl and styrene lid. Heavy duty motor and blade 1 liter/1.2 liters capacity Features jack to accept digital tachometer Epoxy-coated motor housing 120 volts 50/60 Hz

  • insterprep® Sterile Media


    …– Seward, manufacturer of the original Stomacher paddle blenders and bags, and HiMedia Laboratories, highly respected manufacturer of laboratory culture media. Insterprep has been created to help laboratories increase capacity and rapidly respond to varying workflow requirements.…

  • Dilution Pouch with Butterfield's Buffer

    3M Food Safety

    …Buffer is a heavyweight, puncture-resistant pouch, ideal for many sample preparation and enrichment procedures. Designed to meet stringent laboratory testing needs, these bags have the strength needed to endure sample preparation and handling processes. The flat bottom allows the pouch to stand…

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