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Joint Clips
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  • Plastic Joint Clips

    Bal Supply

    Standard taper keck type joint clips Color coded for easy size identification Will not corrode or scratch glassware Can withstand temperatures up to 302°F (150°C)

  • Metal Ball Joint Clip with Tension Screw for Optima 4300/5300/7300 V


    This metal ball joint clip with tension screw is used to connect the spray chamber and torch in Optima 4300 V, 5300 V, and 7300 V ICP-OES series instruments.

  • Vapor Duct Tube, For Rotary Evaporators

    Ace Glass

    …for Buchi rotary evaporators. The 45mm length fits V assemblies and the 160mm length fits A assemblies. End joints are available in [ST] 29/32, [ST] 24/40, or [ST] 29/42 inner. The middle joint is tooled to fit the specific rotary evaporator for which it was designed. That middle section also has a…

  • Buchi R-210 & R-215 Rotavapor Accessories


    …stop-cock. Includes 1L P+G receiving flask, receiving flask clip, stopcock, PTFE fill tubes, and set of GL-14 hose connections and caps. 1230E21 - Type BY Vertical condenser with additional double jacket for cooling. Additional joint on the top fo the condenser for flexible expansion. For…

  • Keck® Joint Clips


    General Description Color coded, Delrin ® plastic joint clips will not scratch glassware or corrode. Withstand temperatures up to 302 °F (150 °C). Resistant to concentrated alkalis and diluted acids; not resistant to halogen gases or concentrated acids. Legal Information …

  • Rotary Evaporators, Vertical Condensors

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    joint clip, spherical joint clip. RE301P Glass set consists of: Vertical coil condenser plastic coated, vapour tube for vertical condenser, receiving flask 1000ml plastic coated, Florentine flask 1000ml plastic coated, feed tube with stopcock, vacuum seal, conical joint clip, spherical joint

  • Joint Inserts, PTFE, Fits 6467 Flat Stainless Steel Heads

    Ace Glass

    …insert is outside standard taper joint that matches glass standard taper inner joints. Bottom is made with a reverse thread and comes with a PTFE collar and FETFE o-ring for attaching to the flat heads. Top of insert is also machined to accept 7597 joint clips. 100mm Duran® flange o-rings,…

  • Keck Clips

    United Scientific Supplies

    Plastic conical joint clips are size 24, designed to securely hold 24/40 joint size glassware together.  Note: Clips shipped are blue

  • Keck Ramp Clamp Tubing Clamps


    …tubing-to-glass connections. Use RAMP CLAMP tubing clamps for easy, one-handed tubing flow control. Select standard taper clips (in plastic or lacquer-coated steel) or ball-joint clips for secure glass-to glass connections.Unique wheel-in-groove clamp design permits one-handed flow control. Simply…

  • Rotary Evaporators, Diagonal Condensers

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …vapour tube for diagonal condenser, receiving flask 1000ml, Florentine flask 1000ml, feed tube with stopcock, vacuum seal, conical joint clip, spherical joint clip. Glass set RE300P is plastic coated version and consists of: Diagonal coil condenser plastic coated, vapour tube for diagonal…

  • Joint Inserts, PTFE, Fits 6472 Flat Glass Heads

    Ace Glass

    joint inserts for 6472 series flat glass heads. This low profile insert allows for increased working space above the head. The insert is secured to the head with a reverse threaded locking nut and sealed using a FETFE O-Ring. The top of the insert is formed to allow the use of 7597 joint clips.

  • SYNTHWARE Distilling Receivers with Tubes

    Kemtech America

    Supplied with distribution adapter, three 12mL receiver tubes and three plastic joint clip. With 135° angle between top outer joint and lower inner joint.

  • Distilling Receiver

    Ace Glass

    …disturbing distillation pressure. Joints are 24/40. Receiver is 5 mL. Hose connection is size B, for use with 5/16in (7.9mm) or 3/8in (9.5mm) ID tubing. For version with 14/20 joints, or PTFE- clad version with 14/20 joints, see 9400. For 50 mL flask, see 6887-20. For joint clip, see 7598-24.

  • Distilling Receiver

    Ace Glass

    The three 25mL flasks are in the same plane, rotated about the condenser axis. Hose connection is parallel to and above condenser axis. Three clips are supplied for holding flasks to condenser. All joints are 14/20. Hose connection is size A.

  • PTFE Sealing Sleeves

    Across International

    Across International PTFE sealing sleeve for air tight vacuum operation. Designed with higher and lower bumps to enhance sealing. No-lip top allows you to put on your keck clip securely. This sleeve will increase vacuum level on your glassware setup, allowing you to achieve better results.

  • Benchtop Reactor, All-in-one

    Ace Glass

    …24/40 joints, an allihn condenser, a pressure equalizing funnel, overhead glass stirring assembly with variable speed motor and controller, heating mantle with type J PTFE covered probe and controller. All wetted surfaces are glass or PTFE. A sturdy stand and all necessary clamps and clips are…

  • 47mm Phase/Fraction Collector Filtration Assemblies

    Advantec MFS

    … Units include: P/FC1: Funnel, Base, Support(gasket w/ ss screen), Clamp, Stopper, Receiver tube and clip. P/FC2: Funnel, Base, Support(gasket w/ ss screen), Clamp, Receiver tube and Clip. Please Note: ALL Advantec items have a maximum 48 hour cancellation window. Any cancellations AFTER…

  • Foot-Operated Solvent Pump


    …pump for dispensing flammable liquids so that no electrostatic charge forms. Protection against hazardous vapours Due to the barrel screw joint and the stopcock, the container and the pump can be hermetically sealed. So that no dangerous vapours can escape after dispensing. This protects…

  • Pipet, Dispensing, Automatic

    Ace Glass

    …all volumes. Short tipping angle, interchangeable volumetric bulbs give reproducable volumes. Bulb joint is 14/20, head and flask 29/42. Complete apparatus consists of head, flask, volumetric bulb, clip, two 19mm (3/4-in) springs, one 38mm (1-1/2-in) spring. See 8030 for replacement springs.

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