Glass Water Distiller

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Glass Water Distiller
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  • Glass Still And Bi-Distiller


    … Four and eight liter/hour Glass components assure virtually no leaching of impurities into the distilled water Microprocessor controlled Easy to operate membrane-type touch pad control panel Patented vapor trap eliminates carry-over of vapor-borne water droplets which may contain impurities.…

  • QWS4 Water Still


    …Kingdom, the QWS4 230V water still combines high performance and reliability with value for money. This new Quickfit® water still features a high quality Pyrex® glass boiler and condenser. Output capacity 4Liters/Hour pyrogen free* single distilled water Easy to install and use…

  • Merit Water Still, W4000

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …design ensures that the droplets of distilled water remain in contact with the cooling coil for the longest possible time, producing cool distilled water and preheating the boiler feed to increase efficiency. 'Screw threads' are incorporated on all water connections so hoses can be fitted…

  • Aquatron® Water Stills

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …that the droplets of distilled water remain in contact with the cooling coil for the longest possible time ensuring maximum energy transfer. This produces cold distilled water ready for immediate use and pre-heats the boiler feed to increase efficiency. All glass construction allows rapid…

  • Distinction Water Stills

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …the water supply. The unique condenser design ensures that the droplets of distilled water remain in contact with the cooling coil for the longest possible time producing cold distilled water and pre-heating the boiler feed to increase efficiency. Screwthreads are incorporated on all water

  • Fi-Streem II 2S Glass Water Stills


    …in a compact still Dual-fed capability provides for tap or pretreated water Low water protection prevents heater damage Unique vapor trap eliminates carry-over of impure vapor born droplets into pyrogen-free distillate Economically priced Dual feed capabilities for tap or pretreated…

  • PYREX Glass Serum Bottles


    Designed specially for handling and storing sterile culture media and sera where stability of the glass is of prime importance. Serum bottles are also suitable for storing distilled water and standard solutions. PYREX bottles have the strength to withstand hot air (dry) or steam (wet)…

  • PH200 Portable Meter Kit for Purified Water

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …of purified water such as drinking/RO/distilled/deionized water and other low ion-concentration solutions. The 3-in-1 Glass pH/temp. Electrode uses a moveable sleeve junction, Long-Life reference system, and a patented pH/temp. dual sensor structure, making precise purified water pH measurement…

  • Mega-Pure™ Glass Still Replacement Heating Element


    …resistance, resulting in heating of the element. The heating of the element causes the water in the boiler of the glass still to boil. This heating allows for the process of distillation to occur. The heating element provides outstanding quality at a lower cost than the competitor’s.…

  • General Distillation Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    distillation and phenol distillation. Flask has a flat bottom and a distillation head with a 19/38 joint Supplied with a Standard Taper stopper Condenser is Graham-style, having a 200 mm jacket with a 19/38 joint at the top only For method, reference APHA Examination of Water and…

  • Distilling Column, Water Jacketed


    Jacketed distilling column has indentations on the inner tube to support packing material. The jacket allows the column to be used as a condenser. Column has a top outer and lower inner standard taper joint. All sizes have an I.D. of approximately 10mm.

  • Collection Bottle


    water still including 3915L41 Model MP-3A, 3915M50 Model MP-6A, former Model AG-11 and Barnstead MP-11A and MP-12A, available on special order Also controls still with feed water input from Barnstead D1 or D2 Deionizer (see Thomas numbers 3923J30 and 3923J40) Heavy-walled borosilicate glass bottle…

  • 40L Water Storage Tanks for Fi-Streem III Glass Stills


    …kit allows for distribution of distilled product water to a glassware washer, point of use deionization (DI) system or any system requiring distilled water as a feed source, while leaving the spigot at the front of the tank free to manually draw water from at any time. Product Features:…

  • Distilling Receiver, Dean-Stark, Modified


    …azeotropic distillations using solvents that are heavier than water. The solvent vapor travels through tube “A” to a condenser inserted in the top standard taper outer joint. Vapors are condensed and collected in the reservoir section. The layers separate and the heavier than water

  • ALDRICH Deuterium oxide, 99.9 atom % D, glass distilled


    Synonyms: Heavy water; Water-d2 Formula: D2O Formula Weight: 20.03 CAS No.: 7789-20-0 Density: 1.107 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Packaging: 100 g in glass bottle

  • Water Still Accessories


    …of series - connected pairs. Pretreatment Kit for glass stills Can be easily attached directly to glass stills (excluding 2-liter still) Minimizes the need for cleaning stills Produces higher quality distillate Utilizes disposable cartridge for removal of organics…

  • Cyanide Distilling Kit

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …and MgCl2, which converts any cyanide to HCN HCN distills over and is absorbed in a NaOH solution, which is then analyzed for CN Manufactured from WHEATON 33 low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM E 438 Type I, Class A requirements…

  • Water / Crude Oil Distillation Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Conforms to ASTM D 4006 Apparatus is used for the distillation of water in crude oil. Apparatus includes 1,000 mL RB flask, 24/40 joints, Dean-Stark distillation receiver, dry trap and Liebig condenser Heating mantle must be purchased seperately

  • Chloroform, Glass Distilled

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    … 260 255 245 A 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.15 1.0 Assay         99.7% min. Evaporation Residue         3ppm max. Water         0.03% max.

  • Mega-Pure Water Stills and Accessories


    …models MP-3A, MP-1 and MP-6A Water Stills Glass flow tube is graduated 5 to 65 cc/min. in intervals of 5 cc/min Two, molded-plastic end fittings, one 1/8-inch female fitting and one 1/8-inch male fitting, can be directly connected to threaded water line. Without flow control valve.

  • General Purpose Distilling Apparatus

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    These borosilicate glass apparatus are used in general purpose and phenol distillation. They are useful for batch production of high purity water. Complete unit consists of a flask with a flat bottom and distillation head having Standard Taper 19/38 joint, Standard Taper Stopper, and Graham style…

  • Borosil® Double Surface Condensers


    Borosil® Double Surface Condensers have a water jacket on the outside and through the center of the condensing tube. This is used when the liquid is very unstable like alcohol, aromatics, essential oils, petroleum products, distilling ethers, etc. These condensers are widely used throughout…

  • RV 10 Rotary Evaporators with Dry Ice Condenser

    IKA Works

    …of distillation curves Multiple languages Automatic ventilation after the end of the test Cooling water switched off automatically after the end of the test Integrated cooling water monitoring Heating bath safety management: automatic heating bath monitoring with distillation stop…

  • RE301 Rotary Evaporators


    …to raise or lower the unit by a simple switch operation Uniquely designed glass condenser prevents liquid stagnation and backflow and increase cooling capacity with a 20% larger surface area to enable faster distillation (Patent No. 4597021) Compact design, fits into any fume hood Universal…

  • Water, HPLC Grade

    Spectrum Chemical

    …Solvent. To be used for HPLC analysis, it must conform to the highest purity standards. All HPLC and Ultra-pure solvents offered by Spectrum are glass distilled, sub-micron filtered, and undergo rigorous specification testing to insure accurate, repeatable results. Synonyms: Deionized Water

  • PYREX® Distilling Tube Adapters


    60° angle Three Standard Taper 24/40 joints Approximate length 206 mm This tube is also a replacement for organic chemistry kits. Type I, Class A borosilicate conforming to federal specification DD-G-54 lb and ASTM E 438. Also meets the US Pharmacopoeia specs for Type I borosilicate glass.

  • Heating Element Replacement


    …resistance, resulting in heating of the element. The heating of the element causes the water in the boiler of the glass still to boil. This heating allows for the process of distillation to occur. The heating element provides outstanding quality at a lower cost than the competitor’s.

  • Distilling Receiver

    Ace Glass

    Distilling receiver for use where separate fractions are desired without disturbing distillation pressure. Joints are 24/40. Receiver is 5 mL. Hose connection is size B, for use with 5/16in (7.9mm) or 3/8in (9.5mm) ID tubing. For version with 14/20 joints, or PTFE- clad version with 14/20 joints,…

  • Distilling Receiver, Jacketed

    Ace Glass

    Jacketed receiver with vacuum manifold for removal of sample during operation without disturbing the system. Stopcocks on manifold are 4mm bore, receiver stopcock is 3mm. Hose connections are size E on condenser; 10mm O.D. olive on manifold.

  • PYREX® Cyanide Distilling Apparatus


    This PYREX® cyanide distilling apparatus is used in testing for soluble and insoluble cyanides in water. Cyanide as hydrocyanic acid (HCN) is released from cyanide complexes by means of a reflux-distillation and absorbed in a scrubber containing a sodium hydroxide solution. Tygon® tubing…

  • KIMAX® Distilling Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …tubulation Has drip-tip at exit end Side-arm accepts 5/16” i.d. flexible tubing Made from Kimax® Brand KG-33 borosilicate glass, which features a low coefficient of expansion and a very high resistance of chemical attacks and meets the requirements for Type I, Class A glass of ASTM E 438.

  • Distilling Head,, Solvent Recovery

    Ace Glass

    …solvents, either heavier or lighter than water. As a solvent recovery unit, the lower 4mm PTFE double oblique stopcock permits total return to flask, total takeoff, and total storage in the 500mL graduated receiver. Bottom exit extends away from distilling flask for easier takeoff. The 2mm bore PTFE…

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