Dry Ice Maker

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Dry Ice Maker
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  • SnowPack® Dry Ice Maker


    …substances, freezing blood and tissue samples, studies in chemistry, physics and materials technology, etc. Dry ice is easy to handle, odourless and flavourless. The SnowPack® dry ice machine can be installed on any commercial CO2-bottle with a standpipe (without pressure…

  • Scienceware® Frigimat® Dry Ice Maker

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …solid 16 oz. block of dry ice in two minutes Brass relief valve safely vents excess gas Dry Ice Maker includes a 6 ft. nickel-plated copper connecting tube with standard CGA No. 320 thread couplings for easy attachment to a CO2 cylinder. Dry Ice Maker Overall dimensions…

  • Frigimat® Cub- Dry Ice Maker

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …Block Dry Ice Maker for On-Demand Easy to set up and use, this compact device saves the time and expense of receiving a dry ice delivery. Can be attached to a liquid CO2 cylinder (not included) equipped with a dip tube to produce a ready-to-use 250 to 350 gram block of dry ice in…

  • DILVAC Portable Dry Ice Maker


    Dry-ice when you need it 2lbs block produced in 1 minute Uses liquid CO2 The DILVAC Portable Dry-Ice Maker is the fastest way of providing a block of Dry-Ice for your needs. It is compact and lightweight, requires no electrical power and is safe and simple to use. Most importantly it…

  • Absolute-Zero Dry Ice Snow Maker

    Polar Tech

    dry ice snow. Bag holds approx. 2 lbs of dry ice snow. Deluxe Barrel Grip Fits on all 2" snow model barrels. Insulated grip protects hands from frost and severe metal barrel. Snow Shield Small Hook and loop closure fits on high yield and standard model snow makers. Helps to shield dry

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