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Cleanroom Mop
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  • M-Zone SnapMop™ Cleanroom Mops

    Micronova Manufacturing

    Micronova™ SnapMop™ Cleanroom mops fits onto plastic or stainless frame with 360-degree swivel for efficient and effective surface and equipment cleaning in ISO 5 to 9 areas. The lightweight mops are easily maneuver on floors, walls, ceilings and in awkward corners. Available…

  • MegaSorb™ Microfiber Mop

    Micronova Manufacturing

    The Micronova™ MegaSorb™ Microfiber Mop combines the cleaning efficiency of microfiber with the ease of a looped string mop. Microfiber String mop for both optimum wetting and efficient moisture removal in controlled production areas Excellent cleaning. Glides easily around…

  • …Wheels/Casters, Handle Holder, (3) 15 liter interlocking buckets, mop frame and polymer adjustable handle. Bucket color choices include red, white, blue, green and yellow. The TruCLEAN Pro triple bucket configuration is the ultimate mopping system. The bucket beneath the wringer captures and…

  • SlimLine™ Mop Adapters

    Micronova Manufacturing

    Micronova™ SlimLine™ Mop Adapters are lightweight flat head mop frame adapter that holds up to repeated use with strong disinfectants and steam sterilization. Available with eithter a stainless steel or plastic plate for attaching the mops. 360 degree swivel allows an easy glide…

  • SlimLine™ Mops

    Micronova Manufacturing

    mop adapters for effective cleanroom sanitization and cleaning. This cleanroom mop fits onto either the plastic or stainless frame with 360 degree swivel for use cleaning surfaces and equipment in ISO 5 to 9 areas. Mop easily and securely attaches to mop frame. NovaPoly™ SlimLine Mop

  • PilloMop™ Cleanroom Mops

    Micronova Manufacturing

    Slimline polyester flat pad mop head for use on its own or with the PMC 648 polyester slip cover. The slimline design is ideal for applying disinfectants to walls chambers and workstations. Attaches to QDPH-1 adapter for 360å¼ swivel and low profile applications. Autoclavable. …

  • …particles resulting from abrasion damage. The fabric layer wraps over both the leading and trailing edges improving cleanliness and durability. Mop heads are available in Microfiber laminated versions to provide unsurpassed cleaning efficiency especially for stubborn contamination such as hardened…

  • MegaSwat™ Mops

    Micronova Manufacturing

    …MegaSwat™ Mop is lightweight and easy to use cleanroom low profile wand style mop for use wet or dry for cleaning or disinfecting in ISO 5 to 9 areas. Mop easily glides under and behind equipment. Mops are available without foam (NS) for the thinnest mop to use in areas with…

  • The TruCLEAN Adjustable Handle has been developed to meet the ergonomic and hygienic needs of critical environments. It can be adjusted from 34" to 62" for comfort and those hard-to-reach areas. Made of high quality polyester and composite materials, the TruCLEAN Adjustable Handle is lightweight,…

  • PowerHead™ Mop Heads

    Micronova Manufacturing

    …self-wringing handle. 10" and 14" heads available. Autoclavable. Suitable for use on floors and walls. Complete mop consists of a PowerHead disposable mop head, a PowerHead handle (sold separately) and an extendible or single-length stainless-steel handle (sold separately).  

  • New "Advanced Technology" foam is manufactured specifically for the Controlled Environment marketplace allowing 25% more liquid absorption and 100% more liquid release than competing foams. Absorb spills Clean particulates Apply disinfectant while reaching optimum contact…

  • …manufacturing, pharmaceutical, nuclear industries and medical devices manufacturing cleanroom environments. Semiconductor Pharmaceutical / Biotech Medical Devices Hospital / Lab TEE MOP Materials: Knitted Polyester / Polyurethane foam, 4 metal press buttons …

  • Edgless mops are made from strong, durable knitted polyester and eliminate contamination from breakage and deterioration common with cotton and rayon string mops. Made from a continuous tube of 100% polyester knitted fabric looped to form tubular mop strands that will not shed or break. Anti-static…

  • …(semiconductor grade) and deionized water. These mop covers offer superior strength, ultralow particle-generating characteristics and low extractable levels in a continuous-filament knitted substrate. AlphaSat Pre-Wetted Mop Covers are packaged in a cleanroom environment and are available in a…

  • …knitted-polyester cover material • 15" x 8" mop head • 60" Fiberglass handle • Low profile, swivel head design • No exposed seams • Rapid-change cover configuration • Bag-Within-A-Bag cleanroom packaging Benefits • Ultralow particle…

  • …Knit mop covers (TASK 0200, TASK0250) ?These economical disposable mop covers are the lightest in the QuickTask range. Made of sorbent multi-layer knitted polyester that is optimized for use on smooth surfaces and applies solutions evenly while removing contaminants. Supplied cleanroom laundered…

  • PolySorb Mop

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    Lightweight and highly absorbent 100% polyester mop for use in Class 10,000 and higher cleanroom applications. The looped-end, tailband design provides maximum surface coverage with each stroke. 200 Denier Polyester, looped-end construction Washable and Incinerable

  • Polyester Knit Mop


  • Use in all Controlled Environments Self-Wringing Angled head design allows use of the entire foam head with each stroke Color coding tabs (blue, red, green and yellow) for specific applications Ergonomic grip reduces worker fatigue Ideal for the "Pull and Lift" technique used in cleaning and…

  • PolyTack Roll Mop

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    Helps keep areas free of contamination with easy Special anti-microbial agent providing long-lasting protection against bacterial growth Plastic inner core insures cleanliness Perfect for cleaning walls, floors, ceiling and hard to reach areas

  • … Handle extends easily with turn of wrist from 58.5" to 76.25" Entire mop handle is autoclavable at the most common cycles Straight handle allows user to properly use the pull-and-lift cleaning technique with both sides of the mop Perfect for use on walls, floors and ceilings

  • Original Mop & Head

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    Suitable for use in cleanroom environments. Handles and refills?are available in cold rolled steel and also in stainless steel. PVC?rollers and polyurethane sponges offer durability and high absorbency. Single lever handle Stainless Steel handles and mopheads are autoclavable Handles are…

  • PVA Cleanroom MicroMop™

    Micronova Manufacturing

    …seconds. Ideal for semiconductor and microelectronic cleaning applications where a dry, residue free surface is critical. PVA MicroMop may be laundered. Designed for cleanroom and controlled environments. 100% PVA Mop. For use with QDMH-1 adapter or standard string mop handles.

  • BCR® Mop 4


    cleanroom mop system is designed for both the easy removal of contamination from floors, and for the distribution of disinfectants. Each mop features looped-end fan-tail construction to minimize particle generation. 100% knitted polyester Laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom

  • …that will not damage most surfaces in cleanroom environments, including stainless steel, acrylic, glass, aluminum and chrome. Does not contain alcohol, bleach, quat or silver. Daily cleaning and disinfecting tasks, such as wiping surfaces and mopping floors. Effective component to monthly…

  • …most critical environments. This durable, lightweight mop features a single layer hydrophilic polyurethane foam laminated to polyester microfiber fabric, backed by a semi-rigid thermoformed plate, which easily snaps onto a standard VertiKlean mop head frame. VertiKlean MAX has a slim profile…

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