Chromatography Jar

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Chromatography Jar
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  • Top edge is grounded flat within 0.25 mm to permit seal with flat cover Of PYREX borosilicate glass Without covers. Capacity and dimensions (L x W x D, mm) are given in listings.

  • Tops are ground to close tolerances to insure tight cover fits 152 mm jar edge is flat within 0.1 mm; all others are flat within 0.25 mm Without covers. Capacity and o.d. x height are shown in listings.

  • General Glass Blowing

    All Round Thin Layer Chromatography Jars are made of borosilicate glass.

  • DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …inside dimensions: 26 mm L x 26 mm W x 70 mm D Coplin Staining Jar, 5-10 Slide Unit, with Screw Cap (1207V87) This unit is used for staining slides, or as a developing chamber for thin-layer chromatography It holds five single 3" x 1" (75 mm x 25 mm) slides vertically,…

  • Mold-blown with substantial walls for mechanical strength Rim of 152 mm diameter jars is fine- polished; other sizes have ground rim Can also be used as animal jars Without lids. Capacity and o.d. x height are shown in listings.

  • …pair) Lint-free nylon gloves (large, 2 pair) Lint-free cotton cloth, 9 x 9 (10-pk.) Micro mesh 4 x 6 sheet (4-pk.) Aluminum oxide (1-kg jar) Cotton tip applicators Tweezers, large Tweezers, small Septum puller Dremel tool, battery-operated (optional, 27194) Tool kit bag

  • …by manufacturer. Restek recommends using only BTO septa in Thermo TRACE and Focus GCs. *For 17 mm inlets, the maximum temperature is 330 °C. For all injectors, minimum recommended operating temperature for BTO septa is 250 °C. **12.7 mm and 17 mm septa packaged in precleaned glass jars.

  • MP Biomedicals

    …electrophoresis, HPLC, mordant dyeing, DNA microarray studies of E. coli response, investigation of protein unfolding during reverse phase chromatography. It is used in conjunction with sodium carbonate to enhance the activation of freeze-dried subtilisin Carlsberg in organic solvents. It is also…

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