Cell Density Meter

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Cell Density Meter
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  • …including EMC and low voltage directives The Biowave CO 8000 is an easy-to-use instrument to measure the density of cells insuspension (e.g. yeast cells and bacterial cultures) by measuring Absorbance (OD) at 600nm Completely portable, this hand-held instrument has a rechargeable…

  • cell density OD600 measurement instrument Battery operated for use where cells are actually cultured Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to sterilize Download results to a PC or printer for convenient data storage and retrieval The Ultrospec 10 Cell Density Meter measures the density

  • DEN-1 and DEN-1B Densitometers

    Grant Instruments

    …science - typical applications include determining concentration of cells (bacterial and yeast cells) in the fermentation process, detecting the susceptibility of micro-organisms to antibiotics, identifying micro-organisms with various test systems, and measuring optical density at fixed wavelength

  • …filling and emptying the measurement cell is performed completely automatically at the press of the button. Sampling speed can be adjusted to the task and sample at hand. Results in seconds To perform a measurement with the portable density meter, the sample tube is dipped directly into…

  • …samples near the production line. Measure density, alcohol, acids, specific gravity and more. With high-quality components and a measuring cell design that minimizes the influence of external mechanical vibrations, the EasyPlus Digital Density Meter is built to withstand rough environments and…

  • …that industry standards for density measurement stipulate: 4-digits in density measuring accuracy. Based on comprehensive knowledge of the oscillation characteristics of the newly designed measuring cell, the applied patented Pulsed Excitation Method delivers the most stable density results.

  • Drying Pump

    Mettler Toledo

    Drying pump used to dry the measuring cell on Excellence Density Meters.

  • …reliable results These pumps can be used for all DM density meters and RM refractometers and are suitable for all applications where the samples to be measured are of a similar nature and no intermediate complete drying of the measuring cell is required. FillPal sampling pumps simplify…

  • …is a liquid handler compatible solution to provide a larger volume of cell culture media and other reagents. Using a peristaltic pump we are able to have a completely disposable fluid path. Non-contact density sensors allow for integration without the use of software drivers or programming.…

  • Professional battery products Low power lithium coin cells for use in memory back-up applications and small electronic devices have very high density and excellent rate capability. Wide operating temperature (-40 to 140F) and excellent shelf life (0.5% capacity loss per year at room temperature).…

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