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Bulb Thermometer
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  • Thermometer Bulb Immersion Micro


    Has a range from -10° to 150°C White back for easier reading 159mm long

  • Thomas Traceable® Dew Point/Wet Bulb/Humidity/Thermometer


    …humidity range is 1 to 99% Resolution is 0.1% RH Accuracy is ±4% RH between 20 to 80% RH Humidity features include dew point/wet bulb functions, minimum/maximum memory and high/low alarms Temperature range is -40 to 158°F and -40 to 70°C Resolution is 0.1° …

  • Thermometer


    Mounted in fenestrated plastic armor with perforated bulb guard and suspension ring Range of -5 to +45°C in 0.5° increments, black on yellow scale

  • Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer Data Loggers

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    …downloadable as a CSV file Indicators include memory full, active alarm state and low battery; Hygrometer equipped models include WBGT (Wet Bulb Global Temperature), Heat, Mold and Comfort indices App can trigger indicator light for unit identification Includes Certificate of Compliance…

  • Heat Stress WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) Meter


    The HT200 is a Heat Stress WGBT Meter which enables accurate measurements for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WGBT), Black Globe Temperature (TG), Humidity (%RH), Air Temperature (TA), Wet Bulb (WT) and Dew Point (DEW). Heat Stress Index measures how hot it feels when humidity is combined with…

  • Student Thermometers

    United Scientific Supplies

    …diameters, and the bulbs have equal or smaller diameters than the stems. Partial immersion thermometers are useful if you have a shallow container which holds the substance to be measured. These thermometers have a small indicator ring that denotes the depth to which the thermometer should be…

  • Total Immersion Thermometers

    Sper Scientific

    All Sper Scientific immersion thermometers are made with safe red liquid to SAMA specifications for ranges and accuracy. In addition, our thermometers have a number of extra quality features built in: Red Liquid Expansion Chambers Reinforced Bulbs to prevent breakage Horizontally…

  • Non-mercury Immersion Thermometers


    …to eliminate workplace and environmental hazards associated with mercury. Thermometer has a white back, 6-7mm outer diameter and a standard taper 7/12 inner ground joint. All ranges have a 2° subdivisions. Immersion is measured from the bottom of the joint to the bottom of the bulb.

  • 10/18 Non-Mercury Joint Thermometers


    …workplace and environmental hazards associated with mercury. Thermometer has a white back, a 6 to 7mm outer diameter, and a standard taper 10/18 inner ground joint. All ranges have 1° subdivisions. Immersion is measured from the bottom of the joint to the bottom of non-mercury bulb.

  • 10/30 Joint Non-Mercury Thermometers


    …workplace and environmental hazards associated with mercury. Thermometer has a white back, a 6 to 7mm outer diameter, and a standard taper 10/30 inner ground joint. All ranges have 1º subdivisions. Immersion is measured from the bottom of the joint to the bottom of the mercury bulb.

  • Pocket Test Thermometers, Aluminum Case, Red Spirit Filled


    Red Spirit Filled In Enclosed and Armor Aluminum Cases Aluminum Cases have Pocket Clips Length 6" (155mm) Permanent Markings Toughened Bulbs Total Immersion Thermometers Replacable

  • Sling Psychrometer

    United Scientific Supplies

    Use this simple apparatus to measure relative humidity. Includes two plastic-backed Celsius thermometers, one for dry bulb measurements and the other for wet bulb measurements. The thermometers mount on a wooden handle so they can be spun to obtain tem

  • Pocket-Size Sling Psychrometer

    Taylor Precision

    High-impact, plastic case serves as a pivoted handle in use Wet and dry bulb thermometers, range 20 to 120°F in 1° divisions Swivel-mount assures that the whirling thermometers always face air flow. Slide-rule humidity calculator is silk-screened on case. Slide rule range is…

  • Whirling Hygrometers

    Sper Scientific

    …humidity readings anywhere by comparing the reading of the wet and dry bulb thermometers on the enclosed humidity chart. Eliminates the hazard of splattering mercury by using a safe and easy to read red liquid. The thermometers are recessed into a protective plastic mounting. The mounting also…

  • Nickel Plated Brass Armor Cases

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Open cases feature a screw cap with ring and small openings around bulb for circulation. Thermometer Lengths 1212P31 - 10 in (254 mm) 1212P32 - 12 in (305 mm) 1212P33 - 15 in (380 mm) 1212P34 - 15.9 in (405 mm) 1212P35 - 18 in (460 mm)

  • Precision Hygro-Thermometer


    … Less than 30 second RH response time Dual backlit display Simultaneous display of: Humidity/Temperature, Humidity/Dew Point, Humidity/Wet Bulb Slim design with rubberized sides for better grip and for one hand operation • Data Hold and Min/Max functions Auto power off with disable…

  • Distilling Head, Short Path


    …minimum. The thermometer bulb and stem serve as column packing. Upper hose connections are for cooling lines while the lower connection is for vacuum. Available with Vigreux indentations to improve efficiency. NOTE: The 14/20 size accepts a 1” immersion 7/12 or 10/18 thermometer, while the…

  • Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer


    …to ensure comfort and safety. The RHT510 is a Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer that measures Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point, and Wet Bulb. General purpose bead wire Type K probe is included for measuring Temperature up to ~480°F (250°C), while the meter can measure to 2372°F…

  • Distilling Head, Magnetic

    Ace Glass

    …totally enclosed.This head maintains reflux ratio constant with changing throughput. The vapor bypass is designed to give accurate thermometer readings. Tapered bulb condenser increases capacity without choking. Side arm joint is 28/11.Thermometer joint is 10/30 with 76 mm immersion. Stopcock bore…

  • Hygrometer Masons

    Sper Scientific

    One thermometer bulb is kept constantly wet by a siphon reservoir while the other gives a dry temperature reading. Humidity is obtained by comparing the two readings on the enclosed chart. Uses a safe and easy to read red liquid in place of the usual mercury. Dual scales of -10/50°C and …

  • Humidity & Temperature Chart Recorder with Detachable Probe


    …as a desk stand. The user can set audible and visual alarms with High and Low limits for humidity and temperature. LabView software calculates Wet Bulb and Grains per Pound (GPP). Comes complete with detachable sensor probe with 1 meter cable, RS-232 cable with USB adapter, LabView-based software,…

  • Gas Evolution Measurement Apparatus


    …All complete units supplied with a buret, a CG-3502-04, -10 to 260º thermometer, a CG-1042-01 24/40 thermometer adapter and a leveling bulb with a 24/40 top outer and a lower detachable hose connection. The leveling bulb capacity varies with the capacity of the buret and has a hose connection…

  • Hook Clamp


    The Clamp Hook locks into any position to support suspended thermometers, drying tubes and potash bulbs. The unit has an easy-adjusting check nut and has a 5-1/8" (130mm) maximum distance from center of muff to the hook. The minimum distance is set at 4-1/2" (114mm).

  • H-B DURAC, Liquid-In-Glass Wall Thermometer; Organic Liquid Fill

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Economical yet strong and durable. Thermometer is mounted to a molded plastic case that protects the bulb. Contains red organic liquid against white back glass.

  • SYNTHWARE Short Path Vacuum Jacketed Distillation Apparatus

    Kemtech America

    …design for more efficiency. When a thermometer is inserted in the top of this apparatus, the bulb and stem serve as column packing. The close coupled condenser and vacuum connection offer and extremely short condensate travel path. Used with 25mm immersion thermometer, and D27 distillation receiver.

  • Heat Index Psychrometer


    …up to 6 environmental parameters Built-in multiparameter sensor measures Heat Index, Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WGBT), Humidity, Ambient Temperature, Temperature, Dew Point and Wet Bulb User Programmable Heat Index/WBGT alarm MIn/Max/Average Data Hold, Auto Power Off with disable…

  • Pocket Test Thermometers, Clear Plastic Case, Red Spirit Filled


    Red Spirit_Filled In Clear Plastic Pocket Case Cases have Pocket Clips Length 6" (155mm) Permanent Markings Toughened Bulbs Total Immersion

  • Humidity and Temperature Chart Recorder


    …Measures Humidity (10 to 95%RH) and Temperature (-20.0°F to 140.0°F) plus included LabVIEW™-based software calculates and graphs Dew Point, Wet Bulb, and GPP (grains per pound) Large dual graphical LCD displays with adjustable vertical and horizontal TAC resolution Internal memory records up…


    Sper Scientific

    …Cards ROHS Compliant CE Mark 1-year warranty Reads relative humidity (RH) and ambient temperature dew point and wet bulb, and functions as a type K or J thermometer. Records data onto standard SD memory cards (like a digital camera). When full, simply exchange SD cards for unlimited data…

  • Melting Point Apparatus

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …melting point apparatus make it safer and more accurate than a traditional mercury thermometer. Built-in illumination aids viewing of the melting point. The viewing cover can be removed to easily clean and change the bulb. The block is positioned behind a protective screen, which speeds heating and…

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