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Aspiration Pumps
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  • Vacuum Aspirator Pump

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    High-density polyethylene aspirator pump operates on water pressure above 11psi (7584 N/m2). Integral check valve resists corrosive filtrates and fumes Quick-disconnect hose fitting accepts 6.4 to 9.5mm (1/4 to 3/8") I.D. tubing Male thread faucet connection is 9.5mm (3/8")…

  • Aspirator Filter Pumps


    Humboldt Aspirator Filter Pumps offer excellent performance for vacuum filtrations under both high and low water pressure conditions. The pumps feature a ball-type, positive-action valve in the suction tube which prevents water backflow if the pressure is reduced.

  • Polypropylene Pump Aspirator

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …faucet with 3/ 8 inch internal pipe thread Usable for pump-off of corrosive vapors which attack metal Operates efficiently with water pressures as low as 7.5 psi for minimum water consumption Maximum free air pumping capacity of 11.5 liters per minute at a water flow rate of 6.5 liters per minute

  • Cell Culture Aspiration Stations


    …corrosion protection from moisture. Units are suitable for aspirating aqueous solutions including buffers but are not recommended for acidic, basic or organic vapors and gases. 1233K55 features a high flow (34 lpm), WOB-L piston pump. Vaccum is 27.2 Hg (70 Torr) and the unit has a 115V, 60 Hz…

  • E-Vac Aspiration System

    Argos Technologies

    …Quiet, oil free membrane pump has a range from -250 mm to -650 mm Hg. Once target vacuum is reached, pump automatically switches off. Pump automatically switches on when vacuum pressure is applied allowing it to maintain a constant vacuum pressure - perfect for gentle aspiration of small plates and…

  • BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems for Cell Culture


    aspiration needs Containment: 2 or 4 liter vessels for safe collection and disposal of your biological waste; an autoclavable hydrophobic 0.2µm biofilter protects the pump or other vacuum supply from biohazardous aerosols. The VacuuHandControl (VHC) keeps all fluid within the aspiration

  • Vacuubrand BVC Basic and Control Liquid Aspiration Systems


    Vacuubrand BVC Basic Liquid Aspiration System Designed for use with existing vacuum supplies, individual diaphgragm pumps and house vacuum systems Include mechanical regulator to control vacuum supply to provide sufficient suction for aspiration or filtration, without evaporating the…

  • JP Recirculating Water Pumps


    Recirculating Water Pump that ensures optimum aspiration depending on the digestion phases and the number of samples placed in the digester connected to the pump. Optimized Performance Aspiration matches digestion phases and sample number Eliminates the problem of unreliable water…

  • Delta T™ Micro-Perfusion Pumps


    …dish from overflowing, the tubing in the pump head has two different inside diameters. Therefore, you can simply apply media to the dish at a rate slower than it is aspirated away. To control the level in the dish, simply adjust the height of the aspiration tube. Features Compact …

  • Standard Duty Dry Oilless Vacuum Pumps


    …Pressure Use these affordable oil-free pumps to provide convenient vacuum throughout the lab. Welch WOB-L piston pumps provide adjustable vacuum for filtration, SPE, vacuum ovens, and more. These pumps are an efficient alternative to water aspirators. Select vacuum range 100 to 5 torr; flow…

  • PILOT3000 Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

    Fischer Technical

    … Microbiology Replace water aspirator Aspiration Degassing Vacuum drying Fume suction The PILOT3000 is equipped with a 1/7 hp motor and provides a maximum 20 L/min (115V/60Hz) of free air displacement and 22 in-Hg of maximum vacuum. The pump features a vacuum regulator with…

  • PILOT5000 Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

    Fischer Technical

    …protocols. APPLICATIONS Vacuum filtration Solid phase extraction Desiccation Microbiology Replace water aspirator Aspiration Degassing Vacuum drying Fume suction Features Made in the USA PTFE contact surfaces Bleach safe for…

  • Aspire™ Laboratory Aspirator

    Accuris Instruments

    The Accuris ASPIRE Laboratory Aspirator incorporates a quiet, maintenance-free pump inside a sturdy, yet compact base. The vacuum is fully adjustable, with a pressure gauge that displays the vacuum level, allowing full control of aspirating speed. The ASPIRE is an ideal choice for a wide range of…

  • Scienceware® Pipette Pump III

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …comfort and simplicity, the Pipette Pump III has a thumb wheel ideally located to aspirate and dispense gradually. For rapid dispensing, use the conveniently positioned trigger release. Available in three color-coded capacities for quick identification, each pump is resistant to acids, alkalis and…

  • Vacuum Aspirator Collection System

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …strength or HiFlow pump. Self-contained system with 1.0 gallon bottle, tubing and vacuum pump is lightweight, compact and easy to use Practical whenever a house vacuum is absent or not working Built-in, maintenance free pump quickly and conveniently aspirates fluids HiFlow model…

  • FTA-2i Advanced Aspirator

    Grant Instruments

    The FTA-2i aspirator with 2L trap flask is designed for removal of alcohol, buffer and liquid from reaction vessels eg during DNA / RNA purification and other macromolecule re-precipitation techniques. All in one system with integrated pump 2L autoclavable polypropylene trap flask Fitted…

  • Aspirator with Trap Flask

    Grant Instruments

    The aspirator with trap flask FTA-1 with a 1L trap flask is designed for the aspiration or removal of any remaining alcohol or buffer from microtest tube walls during DNA / RNA purification and other macromolecule re-precipitation techniques. An ideal personal tool for independent operation…

  • Filtering Flask Kit (Vacuum Pump Kit)

    GSC International, Inc.

    …funnel. The Vacuum Pump is simplifies the process of vacuum filtration, eliminating the need for a water source and vacuum aspirator. It is also much more economical than a costly electric vacuum pump. The pumping rate is 15ml per stroke and will displace up to 725ml of air. The pump is fitted with…

  • Two-Place Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus


    …determination of one or two samples up to five grams. Unit is portable and can be placed on any bench top. Requires connection to a water aspirator pump for operation. Inlet and outlet water connections are 3/8" NPT. Frame is constructed of epoxy-coated steel. Features: two 600-watt heaters…

  • Aspiration/Pressure Transfer Stations


    …protection from moisture. Units are suitable for aspirating aqueous solutions including buffers but are not recommended for acidic, basic or organic vapors and gases. Units feature pressure capacity to 33 psig (3.3 x 105 pascal). 1233K57 has a pumping capacity of 11 lpm and vacuum to 21.3 Hg (292…

  • Portable Pipet-Aid® XP2 Pipet Controller


    …laid a hand on New power source for uninterrupted extended operation - can be charged while in use New ultra quiet precision pump - great control for aspiration or dispensing The new Drummond Pipet-Aid XP2 advances the industry standards for pipetting comfort, convenience, and control.…

  • PolyPro-ST MicroFlow Nebulizer for Avio 200/500/Optima DV Series/8x00/NexION 300…


    MicroFlow nebulizers are resistant to clogging, reliably self-aspirated or pumped to produce a fine aerosol for high transport effciency and high sensitivity. The PolyPro-ST MicroFlow nebulizer is a low-cost, HF-resistant alternative to the PFA nebulizer. The PolyPro nebulizer has a lower chemical…

  • DK Series Kjeldahl Digestion Units


    …produces fumes, acid gases or corrosive substances, the below specific accessories are strongly recommended : JP Pump aspirates noxious fumes (2 JP Pumps are recommended when using DK 42/26) SMS Scrubber neutralizes all the fumes (for safety)  Special Application:…

  • DKL Series Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Units


    …technology* *Saving Time, Energy, Money & Space Recommendations JP Pump* aspirates noxious fumes SMS Scrubber neutralizes all the fumes (for safety) *2 JP Pumps are recommended when using DKL 42/26. Special Application: DKL 20 can be used also for…

  • RF3000® Pipette Controller


    Packed with features for comfortable and accurate pipetting the powerful pump offers rapid, yet sensitive aspiration and dispensing, has adjustable valves and is microprocessor controlled for constant reliability and accuracy. Operates with 100–240 volt electrical supplies worldwide …

  • Vacuum Check Valve

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Works best between 10 to 28 in. Hg Prevents back pressure with aspirator-type vacuum pumps Made of high-density polyethylene with gum rubber flap Serrated connectors on inlet and outlet take 1/4- to 5/16-inch-bore tubing Useful for vacuum systems Not for use with liquids

  • TIDI Evacuation Cup Liner

    TIDI Products

  • Gomco® Suction Accessories

    Allied Health

    Features Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter is custom engineered to help prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of portable suction systems Filter efficiency is – 99.97% D.O.P. retention (0.3 micron particles in air)

  • P-Vac Portable Vacuum System

    Argos Technologies

    … The P-Vac can be operated with bottle top aspirators, or any glass or plastic bottles up to 2 liters Unit is supplied with a quiet, adjustable diaphragm pump System can empty a 2 liter container in 40 seconds with an aspirating pipette The hydrophobic filter protects unit from…

  • Smiths Medical Disc Filter

    Smiths Medical ASD, Inc.

  • Closed Suction Systems

    Halyard Health

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