96 Well Plate Shaker Incubator

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96 Well Plate Shaker Incubator
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Thermo Scientific

  • …thermoshaker for microplate incubations. Can be used with all types of standard depth microplates and offers three instruments in one for maximum versatility and efficiency: Microplate thermoshaker Compact benchtop incubator without shaking Microplate shaker operating at ambient…

  • MixMate®


    plates) Patented imbalance sensor prevents plates from detaching Tube holders enable mixing of semi- and unskirted PCR plates as well as micro test tubes from 0.2 to 2 ml 5 program keys with pre-optimized mixing parameters for ease-of-use with standard applications in 96 and 384 well plates

  • …these units will independently store all user settings. Guaranteed for Robust, Durable Operation Equipped with an anti-vibration system, and durably designed for daily hard duty and long life, these digital thermostatic shakers will be a valuable asset and dependable partner in your lab.

  • …thermoshaker with a choice of blocks for microtubes and microplates. a microtube and microplate thermoshaker a compact benchtop incubator Features: Fast heat-up and cooling times Temperature setting range +4°C to 100°C Temperature control range ambient…

  • PMS-1000i Microplate Shaker

    Grant Instruments

    …four plates (MPP-4) available as an option Easy-to-use integral electronic timer ensure accurate count-down and repeatability of time-sensitive incubations Quick and easy to use screw fittings keep the plates securely in position and allow fitting on any standard-depth 96- or 384-well plates

  • …rooms and incubators. It is effectively three instruments in one: a microtube and microplate thermoshaker a compact benchtop incubator without shaking a microtube shaker without temperature control Features By combining the mixing operation with the incubation phase,…

  • Stuart Orbital Shakers

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …with a non-slip mat that can hold up to four multi-well plates or diagnostic cards. The shaking action is ideal for samples of 0.5 to 5ml held in multi well plates, dishes and Petri dishes. The shaker can be used in incubators and environmental chambers (up to 40°C and 80% humidity).…

  • Ther-Mix Heated Laboratory Mixer

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    …heating and mixing for different amounts of time, at various temperatures, in a range of consumables. Without a Ther-Mix, that means incubators, mixer/shakers, stopwatches and (worst of all) variables! The Ther-Mix allows you to create and store your own mixing programs with multiple…

  • Intelligent Heated Modules

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    …Module detatching from the base at high speeds Application Examples ELISA Sample prep for PCR Preheating of samples Thawing frozen samples Reactions requiring good thermal control Sample incubation Maintaining sample temperature after mixing with the Ther-Mix

  • …during rotation “Rock” function: Back and forth, gentle rocking motion (see-saw) The Plus model also offer an additional rocking platform (4.5 x 3 in.), as well as a 96 x 0.2ml tube/strip/plate holder for mixing PCR vessels in the “Mix” (oscillating) mode.

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