Sartorius - Summer Expo 2021

Welcome to Sartorius' Summer EXPO 2021 Promotions Page.

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Download the Sartorius - Picus® and Picus® Nxt Pipettes EXPO Promotion - Buy 1 Picus® or Picus® Nxt pipette, get a free single charge stand. Buy 3 or more Picus® pipettes, get a free charging carousel!

Download the Sartorius - Cubis® II Promotion Expo Promotion - Buy any Cubis® II and get a Granite Platform 13“ x 15“ with Vibration Isolators or a YDP30 Thermal GLP Printer at no additional cost!

Download the Sartorius Pipette Upgrade Special EXPO Promotion - Up to 40% Savings!

Download the Sartorius Special Entris® II Offer - Buy select models of Entris® II BCE and get a Midi Plus™ Controller at no cost.