Randox Molecular Quality Control Product Literature

In high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory settings, accuracy is beyond crucial. Molecular quality controls (QCs) allow labs to set an accurate foundation that can be referenced against throughout the workflow while also providing a first line of defense against inaccuracies.

The molecular diagnostics industry as a whole has placed an increasing level of emphasis on QC procedures over recent years. The delicate nature of the molecular diagnostics workflow is a primary reason for this: while the resulting effects of certain errors are easily detectable, many others are more subtle and easy to miss by even the most trained technician. Having a reliable quality control protocol in place is the only foolproof way to combat this.

At Thomas Scientific, we are proud to partner with Randox to serve all of your molecular quality control needs. We offer nearly 100 different Randox products, many of which are true third party controls that will detect, monitor, and manage assay drift to help ensure accurate and reliable results.

Our portfolio of Randox QC controls consists of products used in the detection of a wide variety of pathogens, including Adenovirus Type 1, SARS-CoV-2, HIV-1, and even panel products that can target multiple at once. Click the boxes below to learn more about their offerings. You may also click here to view our full assortment of Randox products.