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  • With standard taper joints and indentations to support packing. Length in centimeters refers to the length from the packing support to the bottom of the outer ground joint.,/p>

  • KF style flange clamp for our 200mm (8 in), 300mm (12 in) and 400mm (16 in) kilo scale reactor vessels. The 200 & 300mm clamps are manufactured of black, phenolic resin while our 400mm clamp is black, powder coated aluminum. Purchase the clamp and appropriate gasket separately. We recommend the…

  • With high permeability core to operate takeoff device on standard automatic distilling heads. Fastened to head with special clamp. Furnished complete with clamp and wires to connect to automatic time switch. For operation at 120 volt, 50/60 Hz AC max. or 24 volts DC max. For intermittent service…

  • Ace Glass

    Soxhlet extactor body with standard taper outer joint at top and 24/40 standard taper inner joint at bottom.

  • Round bottom flasks, three vertical necks, standard taper outer joints, standard and heavy wall. Flasks feature a flare-out directly below the center joint to facilitate cleaning and removal of stir blades.

  • Ace Glass

    Weighted, all transparent safety shield for laboratory worker protection. Polycarbonate shield is 4.7mm(3/16") thick. Three-sided construction provides stability and protects personnel from front and sides. Heavy steel perimeter base is 25mm x 48mm (1" x 1 1/2"), coated with green…

  • Pear-shaped, single neck, heavy duty flask. Available with ground, polished and cap-seal joints. The cap-seal flasks are used in the Ace microscale chemistry product line and feature a 14/10 ground joint with external threads. Supplied with a holed cap

  • The Dounce type, glass tissue grinder is supplied with two glass pestles; one with a tight inner tolernace and one with a loose inner tolernace. The loose pestle can be used for initial reduction of the tissue sample and the tight pestle can be used to fine grind the tissue and complete the homogenation.

  • Glass standard taper joint adapters featuring a drip tip and right angle tee ground glass tube sidearms. The sidearms are used to make tube compression fitting connections to a wide variety of flexible and rigid tubing using our 12709,12711,12715 & 12716 product families of fittings.

  • Tube only, for use with extraction flask 9451.

  • A compact fractionation unit for distilling small quantities in a vacuum, and for ordinary separation. Column is vacuum jacketed. Indents are positioned to cause the vapor to follow a spiral path, adding to the efficiency of the unit. Approximately three theoretical plates at 60mL/hr. Hold up to…

  • Sweep elbow, available with one end threaded, the other end reduced for use with 7506 bushing or both ends threaded for use with either 7506 bushing or 5841 coupling.

  • Firestone splash guard adapter with medium length joints that will accept full length joints. Internal porosity A (147-174 micron) fritted disc that assures no carry-over in the event of pot splash-up. Overall length is kept to a minimum to positively

  • Ace Glass

    Impingers used for sampling small air volumes at low velocities. Bottle with 24/40 stopper joint is available in 25 or 30ml sizes. The stopper is available with an open nozzle or one calibrated to deliver 0.09 to 0.11 CFM at 30.5cm (12in) vacuum. The stopper inlet is available as an open tube end,…

  • Ace photochemical reactor turntable for the determination of relative and absolute quantum yields. Variable height disc holds 13mm OD sample tubes, 33 in outer circle, 18 inner. Unit will hold up to four 7891 series square filters. Complete unit includes motor and control, CE rated. Not included:…

  • Rugged columns with internally threaded ends to which a wide choice of upper and lower end pieces can be fitted using 5837, 5838, 5841, 5842, and 5843 fittings. Available in a variety of lengths and diameters. Some sizes available with epoxy coating for added protection against scratches.

  • With an ACE fritted disc sealed in. Can be used in any standard Soxhlet extraction apparatus. The sizes below correspond to the size specifications of extraction bodies and will fit those units. Available in porosities A, B, C, D and E. All porosities of a given size are priced the same. Height…

  • Ace Glass

    With a 24/40 joint at the bottom. Inside diameter of coolant section is 50mm and length is approximately 250mm. O.D. of inlet and outlet is 22mm. Available modified with #15 Ace-Thred inlet/outlet for use with Ace-Safe tubing connectors.

  • Ace Glass

    Unique impinger designed to be more economical when connecting in series eliminates need for connecting tubes.The 12/5 joints are perpendicular and come directly off bottle 180 degree apart. Screw cap on bottle has PTFE liner. Each bottle has one ball and one socket joint. Capacity 25mL. Bottle is…

  • Adapters for joining jacketed reactor ball joint inlet/outlets to recirculator hoses. 28/15 and 35/25 sockets with various Ace-thred and tube ends.

  • Continuous reflux apparatus keeps solvents pure and free of oxygen. Compact, upright design allows multiple units to be assembled in small areas. Distillation column is 250mm long, vacuum jacketed, unsilvered. Allihn condenser is 250mm. Adapter at top has two hose connections for maintaining inert…

  • Medium pressure, quartz, mercury-vapor lamp. For use in all listed immersion wells. 61cm PTFE covered lead wires, fitted with pin type connectors and 6' cord for connecting to power supply, permit lowering lamp into well for vertical operation. Of total energy radiated, approximately 40-48% is in…

  • Rated 1 hp. for use with most stirrer motors. Not for use with shunt wound DC motors. A compact, lightweight, solid state, ring stand mountable control unit, both AC and DC outlets. Pulsed AC gives better low speed torque than voltage dropping devices such as rheostat or transformer. AC output: 120…

  • Connecting tube, 90 degree angle, with ends having constriction to hold rubber tubing securely. Sold in packages of 6.

  • Polypropylene tubing used to make connection between pressure source and 12517 Quick disconnect on side of Pressure Manifold and between other side of manifold the Pressure Reactor. Sold in 100' coil.

  • The safest separatory funnel available, our 7247 funnel features a plastic coating, a removable PTFE drip tip and pressure relief rodaviss threaded cap and stopper. Common accidents involving separatory funnels are breaking the glass drip leaving a jag

  • Ultra-Vacuum stirrer bearing for applications up to 0.6 Torr. Non-shedding bearing is manufactured from PTFE, Rulon and PEEK materials. Equally good in both vacuum and pressure applications as low as 0.6 Torr. Rated for up to 400 rpm with both glass (polished rather than precision ground is best)…

  • Ace-Thred to standard taper adapter designed specifically for securing a thermocouple via a nylon bushing and PTFE ferrule.

  • Ace Glass

    Round bottom flask with a single neck. Available in heavy wall.

  • Ace Glass

    Same as 8750 except top is bent in line with side tube.,/p>

  • Ace Glass

    For use with dry ice and other solid cooling agents. Can also be adapted for use as a small constant temperature bath by using a constant boiling liquid. In this manner, can also be used as an oil bath. The larger size will hold 100mL flask, small size

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