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  • For use with colorimeters and spectrophotometers. Pack of six includes caps.

  • For determination of low range Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) by the Reactor Digestion method. US EPA approved for wastewater analysis using Hach Method 8000. Range: 3-150 mg/L COD. Pack of 150 vials. EPA Approved Simpler and Safer Easy Disposal * Contains mercury. Dispose of…

  • For setting instrument sample blank on TNTplus methods. Reduce Errors with Bar-coded Vials and RFID : A unique barcode label on each Hach TNTplus Vial Chemistry is automatically read by the spectrophotometer when used with Hach’s DR 6000™ UV-VIS Spectrophotometer or DR 3900™…

  • COD Digestion Vials, Ultra Low Range This method is not USEPA Approved Method: Reactor Digestion, Hach Method 8000

  • For low range, mercury-free Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) determinations. COD2 Digestion Vials Method: Reactor Digestion Range: 0-150 mg/L COD Pack of 25 vials

  • A-1 Medium Broth MPN Tubes for Coliform Bacteria, Fecal

  • Expert Mercury free COD test made simple. COD TNTplus® chemistry and your Hach spectrophotometer are engineered to simplify water analysis for accurate results, everytime. For determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) by the Mercury-Free Reactor Digestion Method. Easy and…

  • High range, chemical oxygen demand determinations: COD Digestion Vials, High Range Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD): US EPA approved for wastewater analysis using Hach Method 8000 Method: Reactor Digestion Range: 20 -1500 mg/L COD 150/test Contains mercury. Dispose of according to local, state…

  • COD2 Digestion Vials, Mercury-Free Formulation High Range Method: Reactor Digestion Range: 20-1500 mg/L COD

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