Nucleic Acid Analysis

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Nucleic Acid Analysis

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  • Aquaphenol

    MP Biomedicals

    pH adjustable for purification of DNA and RNA Special safety packaging Ultrapure molecular biology grade AquaPhenol is double-distilled phenol saturated with ultrapure water (30% water v/v) and is used in the purification of nucleic acids. AquaPhenol is supplied ready to use for RNA…

  • NovaCHOice Transfection


  • Simple Collection - Easy Extraction - Reliable Analysis Ahlstrom GenCollect™ card is an easy and cost effective way to collect and store biosamples at ambient temperature. They are suited for a wide range of applications including: Genotyping Forensics Paternity tests …

  • Cytiva 's Uni-Core product range provides easy and cost effective manual punching for Whatman FTA, 903 and DMPK cards at the quality standards you expect. Designed for use with Whatman FTA Cards, FTA Elute Cards, and EasiCollect device. Multiple diameters ranging from 1.0 to 6.0 mm…

  • Whatman Indicating FTA Elute Micro Cards enable you to easily collect, process, transport, and store colorless biological samples, such as buccal samples. Improves process efficiency by enabling direct amplification for STR analysis due to immediate DNA capture on the FTA card. Includes…

  • gMax MINI Genomic DNA Kit

    IBI Scientific

    The gMax MINI genomic DNA kit provides an efficient method for purifying total DNA (including genomic, mitochondrial, and viral) from whole blood (fresh/frozen), cultured animal/bacterial cells, fungi, and tissue. The entire protocol can be completed in under 30 minutes, and each kit is…

  • RNase A

    Bio Basic Inc.

  • Ahlstrom's GenSaver™ cards are treated with a new-to-market proprietary chemistry for the long-term stabilization of DNA. Stabilizing chemistry prevents environmentally induced degradation for a currently tested shelf life of 20 years. Nucleic acids can easily be extracted from the…

  • BL21(DE3) Competent Cells


    BL21 has been the gold standard for protein expression since it was first introduced in 1990. Deficient in lon and ompT proteases, BL21 and its derivatives are ideal for many applications. Guaranteed transformation efficiencies of >2x10 6 cfu/μg Deficient in Lon and OmpT proteases

  • Large Multi-Barrier Pouches maintain sample integrity and security during archiving and transporting of FTA Cards. Maximize sample integrity during transport or storage of FTA Classic Cards, and other larger FTA Cards. Protect samples from exposure to gas or liquid contamination through…

  • Blood stain cards Blood stain cards

  • Our Whatman FTA Purification Reagent is used for purifying nucleic acids stored on FTA Cards. For use with Whatman FTA Cards, Indicating FTA Cards, and EasiCollect device for the purification of nucleic acids. Proprietary chemistry ensures high-quality DNA for STR analysis. 500 ml…

  • Loading Buffer, Electrophoresis, 5 x 1mL

  • RNase A Solution

    Bio Basic Inc.

  • Cytiva disposable Uni-Core Punch addresses your laboratory’s manual punching requirements. Designed for use with Whatman FTA Cards, FTA Elute Cards, and EasiCollect device. Capable of up to 500 punches. Multiple diameters ranging from 0.35 to 12.0 mm in plastic housing for…

  • One Step - No destain Fast - See your results in less than 10 minutes Safe - No hazardous chemicals Sensitive - Detect down to 10ng of protein Dynamic - Linear range from 50ng to 4mg of protein Denville Blue Protein Stain is a proprietary formulation…

  • Magnets

    Oz Biosciences

  • FTA PlantSaver card with 4 sample areas per card Capture nucleic acid in one easy step. Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 min. DNA collected on FTA Cards is stable for years at room temperature. FTA Cards are stored at room temperature…

  • FTA Gene Card, 3 sample areas per card, 75 µl max volume/sample area, 225 µl max total volume/card Capture nucleic acid in one easy step. Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 min. DNA collected on FTA Cards is stable for years at room…

  • OmniSwab


    OmniSwab is a sterile collection swab used for buccal and saliva samples. Swab head ejects easily for convenient DNA extraction. Absorbent material increases buccal cell concentrations to give high quality results. Gamma irradiation ensures sterility. OmniSwab is compatible with…



  • pET-32a(+) DNA


  • Sterile foam swabs for easy collection and transfer of buccal cells and saliva to Indicating FTA Cards. Collection of saliva and buccal cells for easy collection and transfer to Indicating FTA cards. Non-abrasive foam head for comfortable sample collection. Easy-to-use applicator for…

  • Total RNA (Plant) Kit

    IBI Scientific

    The Total RNA (Plant) Kit was designed specifically for high-throughput purification of total RNA from plant tissue and cells, using either vacuum or a centrifuge.

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