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  • Microscope Immersion Oils


    Formulated for specific applications Meets DIN 58 844 requirements PCB free Non-drying Refractive index and temperature standardizations are key specifications for optical clarity and high resolution. Viscosity and other physical properties are directed toward specific…

  • Thomas Inverted Microscopes


    Ideal for live cell or tissue culture examinations Phase contrast and Brightfield capabilities Large stage surface improves specimen access Thomas Inverted Microscopes are ideal for live cell or tissue culture examinations in college, university, and clinical-laboratory settings.…

  • Binocular Stereo Microscope


    LB-311 Binocular Stereo Microscope offers upright, un-reversed 3D images with high resolution and high quality. Optional eyepieces and objectives expand magnification range and working distances. LB-311 Binocular Stereo Microscope is a smart and cost-effective stereo microscope. Optional cold…

  • Thomas Professional Brightfield Binocular & Trinocular Microscopes


    Uniform illumination High contrast and resolution Ergonomic design Thomas Professional Brightfield Microscopes feature superior contrast and resolution, highly uniform illumination, and maintain parcetricity and parfocality across all magnifications. The scopes have a Siedentopf design head…

  • Biological Binocular Educational Microscope with LED Illumination and Finite…


    LB-210 Biological Binocular Educational Microscopes with LED Illumination, Wide Field and Finite Optical l System (Anti-Fungus) offer ease of use, reliability and a modern design. These microscopes are economically priced, with all basic features for educational use in high schools and colleges. …

  • Stereo, Fixed Magnification Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The Stereo microscope provides a large stage for sample manipulation while fitting in a storage cabinet. The illuminated stands permit light from three directions (above, below or both) to help observe opaque or transparent samples. Solid, all-metal focus mechanisms endure extensive student use. …

  • EXC-350 Compound Microscope Series


    Infinity Plan Optics, Enhanced LED Illumination ACCU-SCOPE's new EXC-350 Series delivers a new level of optical performance, versatility and is built to last. With an enhanced, newly developed LED illumination system and our infinity plan objectives, the EXC-350 provides brighter, sharper…

  • 3075 Stereo Microscope Series


    Clarity, Depth of Field and Amazing Resolution Our most popular zoom stereo delivers excellent flatness and tremendous depth of field via our most advanced Greenough optical system ever. Incorporating the latest in ergonomic, optical and mechanical designs, the 3075 Zoom Stereo Series delivers…

  • AE30/31 Series Inverted Microscopes


    Ideal for examining live micro organisms through vessel walls Color-corrected Infinity optical system Long working distance (LWD) objectives with high N.A. Binocular or Trinocular models Wide base provides strength and rigidity, while the inverted “Y” support at the back of the…

  • 3072 Stereo Microscope Series


    Peak Performance Defined by Sharp, Crisp Optics Advanced, modular design incorporating many professional features the 3072 Stereo Microscope Series is ideal for classrooms, light industrial applications and hobbyists. A long working distance, available enhanced illumination and a large field of…

  • Fiber Optic Illuminators

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    150 Watt Variable intensity Halogen Light Source with Dual Gooseneck, bifurcated or two each 18" flexible and self supporting fiber optic light guides with chrome sheathing.

  • Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope


    Stereo microscopes are also known as low magnification and dissecting microscopes. LB-341 Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope on a post stand offers upright, un-reversed 3D images that remain in focus throughout the zoom range. Optional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives expand magnification range…

  • Reticles

    Laxco Inc.

    19mm diameter, 10 x 10 mm ruled, grid scale reticule with 0.5mm squares for counting. Fits into Laxco 10x/18mm FOV eyepiece 19mm diameter, 5 mm ruled, linear scale reticule with 100 divisions for measuring. Requires stage micrometer for accurate measuring. Fits into Laxco 10x/18mm FOV eyepiece …

  • Grid Reticles

    Vee Gee Scientific

  • Phase Contrast Upright Compound Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Outstand Views - Superb image resolution Expand the labForce Infinity Planachromatic Base System by adding Phase contrast, an optical technique allowing non stained specimens, like live cells in culture or transparent microorganisms, fibers, glass fragments to be seen and not “washed…

  • Articulating Arm Boom Stand


    Motic Boom Stand with Articulating Arm 75mm Maximum Thick Table Clamp 400 L x 32mm dia Vertical Pole 32mm dia Focusing Pole Mount 985mm Maximum Distance from Pole to Optical Centre For use with SMZ171 Series Stereo Microscope

  • Portable Measuring Microscope (100x, with Illumination)


    LB-134 Portable Measuring Microscopes (100×, with Illumination) feature smart size, light weight, nice design and easy operation. They are mainly used for measuring or viewing purposes in production or laboratory. They are particularly suitable for spot examination of machinery industry,…

  • Reflected Polarizing Trinocular Microscope with Wide Field and Bertrand Lens


    LB-531 Reflected Polarizing Trinocular Microscopes are specifically designed for geology, minerals, metallurgy, university teaching laboratories and other sectors. They also can be used in chemical fiber industry, semiconductor industry and the pharmaceutical inspection industry. Digital camera can…

  • Crossline Disc, Whipple

    Hausser Scientific

    Glass disc, with linear ruling or grid indelibly inscribed Fit over diaphragm in eyepiece NOTE: unless using precalibrated types under specified conditions, must calibrate discs by means of a stage micrometer to establish value of graduation interval for each combination of eyepiece, tube…

  • Microscope Spare Parts

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Spart parts and accessories for Compound Microscopes.

  • B1 Series Student Grade Compound Microscope


    Superior in design and in performance, the B Series incorporates a wide range of features designed for University and Laboratory use. Superb optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance. Achromatic or Achromatic Super Contrast objectives Coaxial…

  • Inverted Trinocular Biological Microscope


    This microscope is a high level microscope which is specially designed for medical and health units, universities, research institutes to observe cultured living cells. It adopts an Infinite optical system, reasonable structure and ergonomic design. With an innovative optical and structure design…

  • DM Dual Mag Stereomicroscope

    LW Scientific

    The LW Scientific DM Dual Mag stereoscope exceeds the performance demands of educators and is built to withstand daily use by students or hobbyists. Its crisp 3-D optics, dual LED illumination, and large viewing area provide excellent images, perfect for dissection and inspection. With rugged…

  • Lumenera® INFINITY CCD Microscopy Cameras


    INFINITY 2-1 R Color Microscopy Camera by LUMENERA The newly engineered INFINITY 2-1 R scientific camera offers a significant performance increase for quantitative and low-light applications over its predecessor. Reduced operating temperatures combined with a much higher dynamic range and 14-bit…

  • MiniVID Digital Eyepiece Cameras

    LW Scientific

    The MiniVID is our best-selling camera for microscopy. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube of a binocular microscope, or thread-mounted onto any trinocular C-mount. Part No. MVC-U6MP-USB3 The MiniVID USB 3.0 is the perfect addition to any…

  • Compound LCD Digital Biological Microscope with Extra Wide Field and Infinity…


    LB-1261 Compound LCD Digital Biological Microscope with Extra Wide Field and Infinity Phase Contrast Achromatic Optical System (Infinity Color Corrected System) (5.0MP) have a built in 5.0 Megapixel camera and a 9 inch HD digital LCD screen. This unit integrates magnification, digital enlarge,…

  • Fiber-Lite® Mi-LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

    Dolan Jenner

    Dolan-Jenner introduces the Fiber-Lite® Mi-LED, LED Fiber Optic Illuminator for microscopy and general illumination. The latest technology and energy efficient, the Mi-LED features cool white LED lighting with a “customer requested” color temp of 5000K and even higher output than…

  • Thomas Stereo Microscopes


    Binocular heads Parcentered and parfocal lens systems Greenough optical system for consistently flat fields Rack and pinion focusing Frosted glass stage plate Thomas Stereo Microscopes are for use in lower magnification educational, biological, inspection and life science applications.…

  • Stereo Zoom Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Outstanding Views - Superb image resolution Excellent clarity, flatness to perimeter makes identification fast and easy Easy to use Parfocal magnification - stays focused through zoom range Comfortable design – controls easily accessible, views are clear …

  • QF Series Microscopes

    Walter Products

    QF Series Stereo Microscope The latest in zoom microscopy, this series is an ideal microscope for studying living organisms, dissecting small specimens, studying crystalline or rock structure, plus electronic and small part inspections. Smooth in operation, it has a calibrated zoom range…

  • BioVID HD 1080+ Microscope Camera

    LW Scientific

    The BioVID HD 1080+ microscope camera does it all! Connect the camera to any trinocular microscope via C-mount threading, and plug the HDMI cable into any large screen HDTV for amazing resolution and fast-action video (60fps). Use the included USB cable and advanced imaging software to save and…

  • Z730 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series


    The Unitron Z730 Series with a 4.3:1 zoom ratio is an ideal choice for industrial inspection, assembly, quality control, OEM integration, research and education applications. Featuring outstanding optics and a large field of view with a high depth of focus, the Z730 reduces sample handling…

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