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Attention Thomas Scientific Customers

Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • Multi-Purpose Dry Ice Mailers


    EPS foam in corrugate shippers offer the ideal solution for the safe storage and delivery of most refrigerated or frozen products. EPS foam containers in 200 lb. test corrugated carton Large selection of cost-effective, reusable EPS foam in corrugate stock containers available …

  • Thermo Chill Insulated Foam Shippers

    Polar Tech

    Polar Tech's insulated foam containers are manufactured with the highest degree of quality and integrity. They are excellent shipping containers for everything from Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Organ Procurement, Diagnostic Testing to Pharmaceutical Distribution. Additional products…

  • Dry IceTransport/Storage Chests

    Polar Tech

    Thermo Chill™ indestructible transporters maintain critical temperatures for your perishable materials. These durable transports are tough, double walled and built to last. Made using special melt-blend, high impact plastic, that is filled with polyurethane foam. Each container resists cold…


    Polar Tech

    ICE-BRIX® is a specially formulated leakproof, long lasting, viscous gel refrigerant that is made with non-toxic ingredients included in the FDA (GRAS) provision. Generally regarded as a Safe Substitute. They are sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch and keeps perishable products at a constant…

  • Absorbent Sheets


    Absorbs and encapsulates spills Three sizes Super absorbent polymers Absorbent sheets are designed to absorb and encapsulate spills in accordance with UN/DOT regulations, U.S. Postal Service and recommendations for the packaging and transportation of diagnostic specimens, biological materials…

  • Liquid Nitrogen Shipping Vessels

    International Cryogenics

    Advanced cryogenic technology Inhibitors restrict the outflow of cold vapors Reusable shipping container Convenient specimen loading Vessels feature a lockable necktube insert that maintains thermal performance. High strength, aluminum shell assures durability. Thermal…

  • Safeway Bottle Shippers

    Polar Tech

    Polar Tech’s complete protective bottle selection totally encapsulates bottles and contents for maximum protection during the shipping cycle. Economical EPS foam shippers for non-hazardous liquids Maximum protection from breakage, excellent shock absorbency, holds bottles secure during…

  • Thermosafe Diagnostic Shippers


    Transport packaging for hazardous specimens Recommended for 300 mL or less Includes all required secondary and outer packaging requirements Model 570 flexible diagnostic shipper complies fully with U.S. Postal Service, DOT and IATA regulations for transport of clinical and…

  • Specimen Mailing Tube with Glass Boston Round Bottle


    Fiberboard Specimen Mailers meets government regulations for mailing liquids. Various container/cap options available.

  • Mailers, Cryotube

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Molded of high-impact polystyrene with friction-fit top Available in 5 and 10-place sizes for 1-2 mL vials

  • Polar Pack Refrigerants


    For over 30 years, Polar Pack refrigerants have provided thermal solutions for temperature critical packages during transit. Available in a broad selection of styles and a multitude of sizes, they’re designed to provide reliable temperature protection for a vast array of products and…

  • Black Ice™ Cold Packs

    Polar Tech

    These cold packs are made with a plastic pouch and when properly used keep perishable products at a constant and desirable temperature. Economy Grade.

  • Shipper, 40 mL, Vials. Cs. 8


    Protects samples in 40 mL vials from damaging temperatures and breakage due to impact and vibration Fabricated ethafoam insert secures up to 12 vials within insulated container Seamless, molded, expanded polystyrene insulation Shipper is enclosed in a 200-lb. test corrugated…

  • Slide Mailers

    Evergreen Scientific

    Integral lids close tightly. Recessed lid design limits slide movement during transit to prevent accidental breakage. Rounded corners allow easier handling, and an eyelet is provided for optional security ties and/or identification tags. Lightweight (less than 1/3 oz) to help minimize transport…

  • Koolit® Refrigerant Foam Bricks

    Cold Chain Technologies

    Available in a variety of in-stock sizes, our bricks remain uniform and in shape while frozen or thawed.

  • Lab Mailers


    Maximum breakage protection for non-hazardous laboratory specimens… ideal for biological, environmental, research and development, public health, industrial hygiene, and veterinary use Accommodate tubes, vials, bottles, petri dishes, and cans Lightweight polystyrene foam construction; …

  • 800 Series Koolit® Refrigerant Gel Packs

    Cold Chain Technologies

    The 800 series Koolit gel packs are sweat-proof and designed to absorb condensation. The outer material is spun-woven and backed to a polyethylene film for outstanding moisture absorbance. The 0°C (32°F) CMC based gel is non-toxic and is ideal for the shipment of refrigerated products.

  • Test Tube Shipper/Rack


    Unique design allows for use as rack or shipping container Holds 48 tubes For use as temperature-safe shipper, use 6391H87 carton and 6106C13 refrigerant pack Measures 330 x 127 x 100 mm (13 x 5 x 4 in.)

  • Thermosafe Nomadic Pre-Qualified Shippers


    Holds 2-8°C for up to 48 hours Universal packing configuration Overcome temperature sensitive shipping challenges using the newly developed Nomadic® E48 Pre-Qualified shipper.  The Nomadic E48 shipper delivers precise temperature protection of refrigerated pharmaceuticals, biological…

  • Moisture Safe Packs

    Polar Tech

    Moisture Safe film pouches reduce condensation during the humid months, products arrive dry.

  • Gel Pack Polar 16oz Cs36


    Polar Pack® refrigerants provide thermal solutions for shipping temperature critical packages during transit. Designed to provide reliable temperature protection for a vast array of products and packages Ideal for products requiring frozen temperatures or extreme cold that may not…

  • 600 Series Koolit® Refrigerant Gel Packs

    Cold Chain Technologies

    The 600 series Koolit gel packs are high quality and economical. They feature a long-lasting, non-toxic polymer ice gel encased in a thick 5-mil white polyethylene pouch for dependability. The 0°C (32°F) gel formulation is ideal for the shipment of refrigerated products.

  • Safety Mailer System, 3-tube


    In compliance with current transport regulations Approved by the U.S. Postal Service and major couriers Meets IATA Packaging Instruction 650 Separate cavities for up to three 7-10 mL specimen tubes Consists of all components required for transporting clinical specimens, including…

  • 453 EPS Foam w/Corrugate 12x12x11.5” ID. 


  • 500-ST Series Koolit® Refrigerant Gel Packs

    Cold Chain Technologies

    The 500-ST series Koolit gel packs feature a puncture resistant nylon laminate film, with a “suppressed temperature” (ST) -23°C (-16.6°F) freezing point formula. This gel formulation is best for the shipment of products that need to stay below freezing temperatures.

  • Insulated Shipper Cs3


    ThermoSafe's extensive line of EPS foam in corrugate shippers offer the ideal solution for the safe storage and delivery of most refrigerated or frozen products. Multi-purpose EPS foam containers in 200 lb. test corrugated carton Large selection of cost-effective, reusable EPS foam…

  • Dry Ice Mailers


    Boxes for storage and shipment For short-term storage of ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, frozen samples, etc., as well as for shipment of materials requiring dry-ice packing Efficient insulation provided by expanded polystyrene walls, encased in sturdy fiberboard shell with close-fitting…

  • KeepSafe® Versatile Mailers

    Ampac Flexibles

    KeepSafe® Versatile mailers come with the industry’s most secure closure and quality bag construction. Constructed of a durable, co-extruded polyethylene film, KeepSafe® Mailers are puncture, tear and water resistant. These opaque plastic mailing envelopes withstand the rigors of…

  • Koolit® Refrigerant Gel Bottles

    Cold Chain Technologies

    Heavy-duty, tough and an excellent choice for rough environments and reuse.

  • Bio-specimen Mailer/Shippers

    Polar Tech

    Safely packs over 40 specimen tubes, petri dishes, vials or ampules and assorted swabs, with space for ICE-BRIX™ refrigerant. 1 in” thick walls, assuring long temperature retention. Comes in an assembled 200# test corrugated box. ICE-BRIX™ controls the interior temperature during transit.

  • Plastic 5-Slide Mailers

    Heathrow Scientific

    Ideal for shipping, storing, or staining slides. These polypropylene containers hold five standard slides (25 x 75 mm and 1 x 3"). Inside wall features slotted channels to keep slides separated and to make removal easier. Lid closes securely to keep slides safe. The side-opening mailer…

  • 230/T41C Foam in Carton 12 x 12 x 11.5" ID

    Polar Tech

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