Fume Hoods, Enclosures, and Biosafety Cabinets

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Hoods Ductwork Fume Hoods, Enclosures, and Biosafety Cabinets

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  • Made of strong, corrosion-resistant PVC. Caps fit atop standard PVC duct, permits vertical discharge of effluent air above roofline for dispersion away from the building. Caps add little static pressure to the exhaust system.

  • Duct Couplings


    PVC Duct Coupling connect two sections of Thermoplastic Duct.

  • Epoxy-coated Steel Blower Transition Adaptors allow you to connect thermoplastic duct to the exhaust side of a blower to create an exhaust stack. Nominal size PVC duct fits inside the adaptor opening.

  • 45° Elbows


    45º PVC Elbows. Compatible with thermoplastic duct. Designed and engineered for quick installation and minimum pressure loss. Feature belled end connections to receive PVC duct directly.

  • 90° Elbows


    90º PVC Elbows feature belled end connections to receive Thermoplastic Duct or Male Duct Coupling directly. Designed and engineered for quick installation and minimum pressure loss.

  • PVC coupling type reducer designed for connecting thermoplastic duct of different diameters with no equivalent resistance.

  • Exhaust Dampers


    5165H59: Powder-coated steel Exhaust Damper, 6" diameter, in-line, adjustable. Allows for airflow adjustment to maintain proper airflow for remote blower or house exhaust systems. 1' equivalent resistance. 5165J25, 0516E55, 0516E98, 0516E97 & 0516G13: PVC Manual Duct Dampers allows you to…

  • Carbon Filter Pack. Activated Carbon Filter for non-radioactive organic vapors and odor control. Rated for 1000 CFM air flow with 0.2" static pressure drop. Dimensions: 28" W x 28" L x 25" H.

  • PVC exhaust duct is Type I, unplasticized, schedule 40, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. A Female Duct Coupling is required to join two sections.

  • Reduce vibration between the blower and PVC ductwork. Include two clamps for easy installation.

  • 42" length of 2" diameter steel-reinforced vinyl duct with two clamps.

  • Lower Exhaust Transition Adapters are epoxy-coated steel, 2" x 10" rectangular to 5" or 6" diameter round for connection to 5" or 6" ID hose. Allows for connection of hose to the bottom of the rear plenum of the XPert Balance Enclosure, Protector XVS Ventilation Station, Protector Work Station or…

  • Wash Rings


    Wash Ring, wide angle conical spray nozzle, and wash water connection nipple are fabricated into a PVC coupling. For Stainless Steel or PVC Perchloric Acid Hoods. 10" Diameter Flow rate is one gallon per minute at 40 psi. 12" Diameter Flow rate is 0.70 gallons per minute at 20 psi.

  • 10' length of 2" diameter steel-reinforced vinyl duct with 2 clamps.

  • Spiral Tube


    Corrosion-resistant, neoprene-impregnated fiberglass reinforced with steel wire. Include rigid duct connector and two clamps. Because this ductwork is flexible and may conform to various configurations, it is not possible to know the precise equivalent resistance.

  • HEPA Filter Pack. High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter for non-radioactive particulate applications. Rated for 1000 CFM airflow with initial 1.0" static pressure drop. Replaceable HEPA filter media removes 99.97% of all particulates 0.3 micron or greater. Includes clamping frame and duct…

  • PVC fitting compatible with thermoplastic duct. End connections receive PVC pipe directly. 0516E96 - PVC "T" Connection: Duct Diameter: 10" Duct Diameter: 12" Duct Connection Diameters: 10" x 10" x 12" Height: 19" Equivalent Resistance in feet of Straight Duct: 20' …

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