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  • CoorsTek

    The CoorsTek hirsch funnel with fixed perforated plate, is designed to separate solids from liquids by allowing the liquid to pass through the filter medium. The interior and exterior of the funnel are glazed.

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Includes fixed perforated plate. Funnels are glazed on inner and outer surfaces except for the rim. Thermal Shock Resistance - average coefficient of expansion from 20° C to 200° C is 3.56 x 10-5, gradually increasing to 4.69 x 10-5 at 1050°C. Every batch of porcelain is heat…

  • 2 PARTS Büchner funnel with straight sides, two interlocking parts and a perforated filter plate is made of high quality polypropylene SEPARATION For use in filtration (separation of solid matter and fluid) - Two parts combine forming a vacuum seal which does not require greasing …

  • Hirsch Funnel, Microscale, Synthware, Frit OD: 10mm, Capacity above disc: 7mL, stem OD: 7mm.

  • These PYREX® Hirsch funnels have a 20mm or 30mm diameter and medium or coarse porosity fritted disc. These fritted disc funnels are very useful in preparative work, or in making separations where it is necessary to wash the precipitate and redissolve with chemicals which would attack filter paper.…

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