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  • Gel Documentation Systems


    Axygen® Gel Documentation systems easily capture publication quality, 16 bit TIFF images. The systems are quick to set up and have an intuitive user interface for image capture, annotation, and contrast adjustment. Images are easily saved and opened in common gel analysis software for more…

  • Band-It™ Mini Electrophoresis System

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce Band-It™ Mini electrophoresis system includes all of the equipment that you need to get up and running: gel tank, power supply and two casting sets. Ideal for personal use, small laboratories or the classroom, this gel box/power supply combination is compact and easy to use. …

  • Flexicast Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Flexicast Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems provide flexibility to your horizontal gel applications.   Applications: Separation and identification of DNA fragments, RNA fragments, PCR products and synthetic oligonucleotides Features Removable platinum electrode cassettes…

  • Vari-Gel™ Horizontal Midi Gel Systems, Gel casting tray, 10 x 10cm


    Supplied with two gel trays - in 10 x 7, 10 x 10cm (W x L) sizes, each with silicone casting gates Multiple comb slots – regularly positioned along the gel tray and corresponding to each comb thickness - allow the user to adjust the sample migration distance according to their own…

  • Electrophoresis Apparatus

    Walter Products

    The horizontal electrophoresis apparatus by Walter Products was designed with safety and convenience in mind. The injection-molded UV transparent chamber is made from thick acrylic, making it durable and leak-proof while the lid fits securely in place and can easily be removed. All of Walter's…

  • myGel InstaView™ Complete Electrophoresis System


    The myGel InstaView comes complete with everything needed to cast, run and view mini electrophoresis gels, including an integrated power supply. One large (10.5x10cm) or small (10.5x6cm) gel is accommodated by the gel tank. Gels are easily poured using the supplied trays, combs and…

  • EZ-PAGE Electrophoresis System


    Electrophoresis is a labor intensive multi-step procedure requiring gel casting, buffer preparation, and system assembly prior to running. With the introduction of precast gels, one step was eliminated. Now the EZ-gel system integrates a precast gel and running buffer into a simple, compact…

  • ENDURO™ VE20 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System


    The ENDURO™ VE20 is Labnet’s large format vertical gel electrophoresis system. It distinguishes itself in its flexibility of applications and ease of gel casting and set-up requiring only 4 screws to secure 4 gels. The same gel tank can house a large format electroblotting assembly sold…

  • DigiDoc-It® Imaging System

    Analytik Jena

    View, capture and document clear, high-resolution images of gels, plates and more Digital color camera with 12.1 megapixels resolution Durable and lightweight enclosure with easy-access door Easy-to-use image capture and enhancement software included Enclosure cap opens for access…

  • Gator Wide Gel Electrophoresis System

    Owl Separation Systems

    Built-in buffer exchange Run 25 to 600 samples on a single gel Multiple comb slots The Gator horizontal A3-1 wide system can run from 25 to 600 samples on one gel. The gel can be cast in varying lengths to help conserve agarose when fewer samples need to be run utilizing a wall comb.…

  • Gel Tools

    Analytik Jena

    Cutter, scooper, trays and rulers for gels High-quality, durable construction Gel-Cutter's sharp acrylic edge is ideal for cutting and removing gel material. Gel-Scooper is made of a strong acrylic with a beveled edge. This design makes it easy to transfer gels from…

  • Electrophoresis Power Supply

    Revolutionary Science

    The RS-PS-75 is the ideal power supply for running routine electrophoresis gels. Run two gels simultaneously at same or different voltages. Universal input power, 100-240 VAC. Red overload LED lights up when current exceeds 350mA. Easy to read operating instructions printed on front of unit to…

  • Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Capable of running as many as 162 samples at once. System features – Platinum electrode cassettes provide rapid sample velocity and clear focused bands without smiling. These cassettes are easily removed for cleaning or replacement. High quality, heavy duty construction, 3 year warranty with…

  • Emperor Penguin Dual Gel Electrophoresis Systems

    Owl Separation Systems

    Durable acrylic fabrication for years of service Safety interlocking lid with attached three-foot long power supply leads The Penguin P8DS system provides fast run times and easy operation for excellent results. The Penguin P9DS system is the optimal size for two-dimensional…

  • C.B.S. Lite Vertical Systems

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Features  Single Slab Gel Systems are available in 6 heights C.B.S. Lite System has a cut-out upright for air cooling Glass plates to fit the six sizes offered are 16.5cm(w) with heights of: 145mm, 160mm, 170mm, 190mm, 220mm, 280mm, and can be ordered with a low fluorescent…

  • Reagent bottles

    GE Healthcare

  • Millipede Wide Gel Electrophoresis System

    Owl Separation Systems

    Run 25 to 500 samples simultaneously Built-in leveling Load directly from 96-well plate The Millipede horizontal A6 wide system offers a simple, convenient and fast method for screening 25 to 500 samples simultaneously on one agarose gel and still produce clear, tight banding patterns with no…

  • UVP MultiDoc-It™ TLC Imaging Systems

    Analytik Jena

    MultiDoc-It Imaging Systems View and capture brilliant color gel and plate images High resolution 15.1 megapixel digital color camera Sturdy multi-user design Capture software loads on your computer Side access doors (select models) allow for moving or cutting the gel without…

  • Gator™ Electrophoresis System

    Owl Separation Systems

    Gator™ models A1 and A2 large gel systems Electrode placement ensures a uniform electric field and clear banding Durable acrylic construction Three point leveling ensures flat, even gels Leak-resistant gasketed end gates Durable, acrylic gel casting system has an UV transmissible gel…

  • Vari-Gel™ Horizontal Mini Gel Systems, Gel casting Tray, 7 x 10 cm


    7 x 10 cm Gel casting Tray

  • Gradient Makers

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Linear with side outlets. Gradient flow is controlled by a PTFE valve centered between the two chambers. The outflow channel is fitted with a male luer adapter which can be used with any needle or luer valve. Form all types of gradients for acrylamide gel electrophoresis, as well as sucrose or…

  • High-Throughput Submarine Horizontal Systems

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Three different sized High-Throughput Submarine Systems are designed for the rapid screening of samples from microtitre plates. Analyze high numbers of cloning products, restriction fragments, synthetic oligos or PCR products simultaneously. Features  Platinum electrode…

  • Buffer Puffer Electrophoresis System

    Owl Separation Systems

    Self-recirculating system provides uniform, high resolution of RNA samples during long runs without pumps, tubes or stir bars Safe Includes EasyCast™ tray Produces sharper bands Prevents formation of pH and ionic gradients No assembly required Bubbles from the…

  • Wolverine™ Dual Gel Vertical Electrophoresis System

    Owl Separation Systems

    Flat, even banding No cooling required The P82 Wolverine Dual Gel Vertical Electrophoresis System produces flat, even banding and crisp resolution. The system can run two 10 cm w x 10cm l gels or one single gel when used with a blocking plate. The design allows gels to easily be placed into the…

  • WesternOne™ HRP Marker Pen


    Simplify Westerns & Improve Accuracy — mark freely for ladder position and transform visible ladder into chemiluminescent bands from membrane to film Annotate — permanently mark your blots with date or experimental conditions Fast & Ultra sensitive — reacting in…

  • 30 Tooth Comb, 1.5mm Thick

    Owl Separation Systems

    Designed for use with Thermo Scientific™ Owl D2 Wide-Gel Electrophoresis Systems. One-sided micro well comb has 30 (2X) teeth Heavy duty, one piece comb eliminates comb assembly Thickness (Metric) Teeth:  1.5mm Width of teeth: 2.5mm

  • Hardware for the peristaltic pump head

    GE Healthcare

  • Dual Cool Mini-Vertical Electrophoresis/Blotting System

    C.B.S. Scientific

    The Dual Cool system allows fast gel runs. System features dual capacity with dual function - run either 2 slab gels or 2 Western blots simultaneously under identical temperature controlled buffer conditions. Applications: SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE, Nucleic Acid PAGE, Western Blot. This…

  • Dual Adjustable Mega-Gel Kit

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Features High-throughput format allows up to 200 samples per run To enhance screening productivity, the system includes two 100 well combs that feature microtitre spacing for multi-channel pipettor loading To further maximize throughput, multiple amplification products can be loaded…

  • V-Series, V15.17, V16 and V16-2 Glass Plates


    The Model V16 is designed to electrophorese a single 15 x 17cm vertical gel for the separation of proteins and nucleic acids. Features and components included: A neoprene gasket provides leak-free sealing of the glass plate assembly Fits gels of different thicknesses with straight or…

  • NitroPure™ Supported Nitrocellulose (MCE) Transfer Membranes

    GVS Filter Technology

    Combines the binding characteristics of nitrocellulose with the strength of nylon Outperforms nitrocellulose in extended handling applications Extremely strong and dimensionally stable hybridization membrane Ideal for RNA and DNA transfers Unique process of impregnating pure…

  • Adjustable Slab Gel Kit

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Adjustable vertical system adapts to changing methodologies.  Single Adjustable Slab Gel Systems are designed to meet a variety of applications. The adjustable upper buffer reservoir rides on two delrin rods, and is secured in place by two stainless steel hand screws, providing the flexibility…

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