Cleanroom & Gowning Benches

Cleanroom benches provide a controlled environment in areas where contamination control is critical in many lab applications.
Separated benches in the lab provide excellent contamination control.
A stainless steel gowning bench can enhance safety, featuring ergonomic designs and additional safety features. 316 gowning benches help lab operators don and doff cleanroom apparel, including gowns, gloves, and shoe covers, to reduce the risk of accidents or contamination.
Clean room benches have storage options, including hooks, shelves, and drawers to organize personal items and provide space efficiency. Benches available are designed to provide comfort during the gowning process and significantly reduce users’ time to prepare for work.
Correct gowning and workspace preparation is essential for maintaining excellent product quality. Clean room benches play a crucial role in contamination control product protection and contribute to successful applications in a controlled environment.
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