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  • Beakers are made from 316L stainless steel and available in capacities of 1, 2, 3, and 5 liters. Beakers have solid bar sanitary handle, easy-pouring beaker-spout, and graduation marks. All beakers have a seamless sanitary interior and standard 10 Ra finish. Features: Beakers have solid…

  • Similar to CG-1103, but with a larger opening at the top of the jacket and a shorter overall height. Width to Height ratio on all sizes is 2:1. Beakers also have a FLAT Bottom on both the inner and outer vessel. Hose Connections have an O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration.

  • Designed for use in temperature controlled chemical and biological reactions. Bottom interior surface is conical in shape to help eliminate spinout when used with CG-2005 egg shaped spinbars. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration.

  • Chemically inert PTFE beakers can withstand temperatures up to 260°C.

  • Beaker Covers, PTFE

  • PTFE Beakers feature the unique combination of a pure PTFE body with a specially formulated stabilized PTFE Carbon base as a single molding to give Totally inert, pure PTFE inner surface Heatable to 270°C without distortion Improved heat transfer

  • Low form beaker made of quartz. Non-graduated with pouring spout. Beaker can be used at temperatures to 1000°C.

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