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  • Vaporizers, VetEquip®


    Precision vaporizers deliver specific anesthetic agents by percentage concentration. They feature automatic flowrate and temperature compensation, easy-to-read dial and sight glass for at-a-glance liquid level monitoring, and integrated safety lock to

  • Disposable Biopsy Punches

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Enjoy the convenience of disposables with the quality you want. Miltex offers an extensive line of single-use instrumentation manufactured to provide the feel and performance of stainless steel instruments. Biopsy Punches without Plunger System Each dispenser box contains 50 punches …

  • The Meyco Diamond Dissecting Scalpel Blade, Type HR-S

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Type HR-S; half-round; .20mm thickness Our ultra-sharp blade cuts with minimum pressure, without tearing or damaging the specimen and reduces the risk of specImen distortion. Our UNIQUE PRESSURE MECHANISM allows blade actuation with one hand The handle is made of titanium and is coated by…

  • Disposable Scalpels

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Stainless steel, razor-sharp cutting edge for superior cutting and clean incisions Safety sleeve for blade protects you and the blade Individually packaged in sealed peel-apart pouches Each dispenser box contains 10 scalpels

  • Basic Dissecting Kit

    Sci Labs USA

  • Drosophila Vials

    Parter Medical Products

    Parter Medical Products manufactures Drosophila products that offer flexibility and product excellence at the best price. These products are specifically designed for Drosophila research. Manufactured from pure virgin medical grade plastic Quality Design Dependable Service …

  • SmartFrame Cage Rack System

    Kinder Scientific

  • Thomas Basic Dissecting Kit


    Designed for students or limited use 6 instruments Chrome and stainless steel construction Kit includes: 6" chrome scalpel 4 1/2" Stainless steel dissecting scissors 4 1/2" Chrome-plated forceps Straight dissecting needle Bent…

  • Malleable Stainless Steel Animal Feeding Needles (Disposable)

    Cadence Science

    Oral Gavage Needles - Animal Feeding Needles Designed to enable the researcher to shape the needles to his/her specific needs All needles come straight and are easily bent to any desired shape Featuring type 304 stainless steel tubing Plastic luer hubs Silicone tips for smoothest…

  • Scalpel Handles

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Stainless steel (3883H10, H15, H30) Grooved tip takes slotted disposable blades 3883H10 No. 3 handle is graduated from 0 to 6 cm in 1 mm intervals and measures 127 mm in length; takes blade numbers 10 to 15. 3883H15 No. 4 handle measures 136 mm in length; takes blade numbers 20 to…

  • Wound Clips


    Stainless steel clips have a 9 mm effective span before closing Packaged in racks of 20 Non-sterile Applier and Remover Stainless steel applier takes rack of 20 Autoclips Clips (not included) are automatically spring-fed to tip

  • Rodent Injection Cone


    Completely transparent Durable Easy to clean Injection cones are extremely useful for large quantity sampling where high speed and efficiency are required. Suction cup feet provide a secure work device. Dimensions (length x height x opening, inches): 5.75 x 5 x 4.

  • Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders

    Miltex®, an Integra company

  • Vantage® Operating Scissors

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Vantage® Instruments are forged from high quality Japanese stainless steel and then "finished" at low cost manufacturing facilities carefully selected by Miltex to ensure a quality instrument available to our customers at a cost competitive price. This combination offers a…

  • Antistatic fly brush 1/EA

    Azer Scientific

  • Micro Dissecting Instruments

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Surgical Grade Stainless Steel High quality micro dissecting instruments forged from AISI type 420-430 stainless steel, hardened and tempered to U.S. Government specifications Scissors have hardness 50-55 HRC All instruments are carefully passivated, electrolytically polished and…

  • Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Disposable Scalpel Blades

    Sakura Finetek

    These reusable handles and disposable blades are ideal for surgical specimens and dissecting work. These sterile stainless steel blades are available in size #61 and #62 and are approximately 2 inches long. The durable plastic handles are autoclavable.

  • Thomas Microprobes


    For microscope use to disecting Stainless steel Handles are non-slip and ergonomically designed Designed for QC Padded storage case

  • Yellow Corn Meal, 50 lb bag

    Azer Scientific

  • Drosophila Vials


    Drosophila Vials Made of premium grade polystyrene Glass-like clarity for sample observation Disposable vials are a safe and cost-saving alternative to glass vials Narrow or wide vials available Both narrow and wide vials are available in bulk or tray packaging Tray packs…

  • Carbon Steel Surgical Blades

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Razor-sharp cutting edge for superior cutting and clean incisions Sterile, 5-year shelf life Individually packaged in foil peel packs Convenience of disposables, single-use Sizes clearly marked on each blade Each dispenser box contains 100 blades 11 sizes available

  • Germinator 500

    Cell Point Scientific

    Proven, durable design Perfect for micro-dissecting scissors and forceps Exclusive well collar Quickly decontaminate micro-dissecting instruments between procedures. The stainless steel glass bead bath remains at a constant 500°F, simply insert the tips of the instruments to…

  • Surgical Scissors, Forceps and Specula

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Eye, Ear and Nose Lifetime guarantee Surgical Instruments are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel forgings. Every care has been taken to ensure that no critical manufacturing process has been overlooked. Neither the raw material nor the forging quality has been…

  • Ideal Micro-Drill™ Surgical Drills

    Harvard Apparatus

    The Ideal Micro-Drill™ is designed for research applications that require surgical burrs and trephines. The drill is constructed of light-weight aluminum alloy for balance and control and is powered by a rechargeable 6-volt nickel cadmium battery (charger included). Under normal operating…

  • Rabbit and Rodent Surgery Boards


    Lightweight and portable Fast acting, tie down cleats Five quick-tie, nylon restraint cords Rabbit Surgery Boards feature formed, one-piece construction to provide long service life and durability. The center depressed slope allows for fast positioning of animal. Constructed of white,…

  • MicroPoint™ Scissors System, Style LA-4 and MPF-4, Smooth/Smooth Micro Blades

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    MicroPoint Unibands Length: 5 inches Width: One Inch Height: ½ inch Blades: from ½ inches to 7/8 inches MicroPoint FeatherLites Micro model -- Lengths: 5-1/4" and 7-1/4" Micro model -- Blades: 1/4" and 1/2" Standard -- Lengths: 5-1/2" and 7-1/2" Standard -- Blades: 7/8

  • Board, Cutting


    Autoclavable polypropylene Unbreakable Non-absorbent and easy-to-clean Dimensions (mm): 300 L x 210 W x 9 H.

  • Tissue Forceps

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Tissue Forceps are designed to hold tissue that is sometimes soft and irregular. These forceps are manufactured with miniature "teeth" that mesh, thereby trapping the tissue and producing a firm grip. This feature has earned these forceps the nickname of "mouse…

  • VIRCHOW Brain Sectioning Knife

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Stainless steel brain sectioning knife used for post mortem autopsy.

  • UVP iBox® Scientia™ Small Animal Imaging Systems

    Analytik Jena

    The UVP iBox Scientia systems are easy to use optical imaging systems for noninvasive detection of fluorescent markers in small animals. They are equipped with high resolution, deeply cooled CCD cameras and highly sensitive optics. The high resolution and low light sensitivity of the camera allows…

  • Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Trimming Knife Disposable Blades

    Sakura Finetek

    Extremely sharp and light weight. Designed for surgical grossing and autopsy procedures. Extremely sharp edge allows a wide variety of sectioning and trimming tissue samples. Disposable blades can be easily inserted into handle.

  • Mayo-Noble Dissecting Scissors

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    General Surgery Scissors

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