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We're excited to gift you five FREE cases of cleanroom gloves!

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to serve your organization by supporting your cleanroom or controlled environment. As our way of saying “thank you” for renewing your email subscription, you can get five FREE cases of sterile or non-sterile cleanroom gloves with the purchase of ten cases.

Thomas Scientific's
Controlled Environments Team

Experienced, Cleanroom and Supply Chain Experts
who drive technical application engagement for products, inventory solutions, and productivity improvements for our customers and supplier partners.

Dedicated Production Customer Service Specialist
who ensure quality management of customer specific requirements, order accuracy, on-time delivery, certifications, and provide 360° supply chain communication.

Assurance of Supply
through Thomas’s Customer Inventory Reserve Program which delivers business continuity, mitigates the risk of production shutdowns, and improves inventory forecasting, planning collaboration and visibility. 

Vendor Managed Inventory Service Solutions
delivers enhanced supply chain value by delivering increased productivity and process efficiencies across the customer operations. 

Access to the Broadest Supplier Portfolio of Products Supporting Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments
which provides choice, innovative sourcing options, quality, availability, and environmentally sustainable solutions.



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“I appreciate your dedication to customer service…Thank you for the personal attention and going the extra mile.” – Judi Y.


“Nick K. has helped get things to me quicker than any other supplier and provides the best customer service. I appreciate his great support in helping us find what we need for our tiny lab. He goes above and beyond… Nick always finds a way." – Andrew S.


"Thomas is our best vendor – by a long shot. You guys do a fantastic job! Your AR folks are the best. They know us personally and are very responsive. You and your team are doing a lot of things right." - Max T.

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