An Update on Thomas Scientific’s COVID-19 Response (and Launch of a New Molecular Diagnostics Team)

It has been an honor and a privilege to aid the scientific community during this challenging time by innovating new structures to support all our customers on the frontline of this pandemic. Through masks, respirators, and other personal protective gear to keep healthy and safe – as well as swabs, tubes, and transport media critical to diagnostic testing and vaccine development.

We are thrilled and humbled to announce the development of a new team within Thomas Scientific, our Molecular Diagnostics Team focused on providing support to every independent testing laboratory and reference laboratory in the United States.

The words “thank you” do not come close to expressing our gratitude and appreciation to these laboratories for the key role they are playing in this fight. Scientists in analytical testing and research labs are the unsung heroes directly impacting the lives of many.

We also want to acknowledge everyone on the Thomas Scientific team that has gone above and beyond their normal duties to supply hospitals, fire stations, pharmaceutical companies, and many more with the research products and PPE necessary to defeat this disease.

We want to recognize the following individuals for working immeasurably hard during these unprecedented times and will be instrumental in the creation of this new Molecular Diagnostics Team.

Michael Brown will be promoted to Senior Vice-President of Molecular Diagnostics Strategy

Mike Wade will be promoted to Strategic Sourcing and Clinical Diagnostics Category Management

While the threat from this virus is far from over, we also know that it is vital to our world that scientific discovery continues in all areas of research. Which is why our new Molecular Diagnostic Team is not only here to support timely COVID-19 testing needs but also testing needs for cancers and other diseases.

Through this new team, we will provide testing laboratories with a range of cost-effective products and service that support…

  1. Patient sample collection
  2. Sample purification and transport
  3. Diagnostic detection and analysis

As we begin to see the light at the end of this tunnel, we want to praise the scientific community for their collective efforts devoted to this cause.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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