Great Ideas Filter Through - Pall Laboratory Joins Thomas Scientific

Pall Laboratory products are now available through Thomas Scientific. Innovative and time-saving products for filtration, separation, and sample preparation help to streamline life science research laboratory workflows and bring improvements to cell line development, clone selection, cell culture, microbiology, F&B, analytical HPLC, environmental, cannabis and more!

Pall Laboratory is committed to solving complex problems that are critical to our customers around the world. Building upon both innovative technology and the expertise and guidance offered by our Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) team, Pall continually introduces new products to meet the unmet needs in the market.

Spotlight on Cell Line Development & Drug Discovery

For cell line development workflows, Pall launched two new AcroPrep™ 24-well 7 mL, filter plates for protein purification and general sterile filtration workflows. These revolutionary products were developed for labs using 24-well cell culture plates and allow simplifying clarification and protein purification filtration steps.  Save time, simplify process, increase recovery!  Both plates are gamma-irritated and individual packaged for use in cell culture environments.

24-well Cell Clarification and Filtration Plates

Utilizing Pall’s proprietary high-performance multi-layer filter media and membranes, researchers can now simplify their workflow by clarifying and filtering proteins in one step. This allows customers to go directly from their cell culture plate into Pall’s 24-well filter plate and the result is sterile proteins. Existing workflows traditionally use centrifugation and filtration methods to clarify complex suspension cell cultures, which can take over an hour to process one single 24-well plate. The new AcroPrep 24-well filter plate for protein purification workflows, reduces this process to less than 20 minutes, improves accuracy and saves valuable product. Moreover, these plates use 7X less plastic consumables, which reduces disposal costs and impact to the environment.

24-well Sterile Filtration Plates

For general sterile filtration workflows, Pall has also launched the AcroPrep 0.2 μm Supor® EKV filtration plate for high volume (up to 7 ml) sterile filtration needs such as media, reagent, serum or proteins in a 24-well format.  The direct sample processing of larger volumes with easy plate to plate transfer, mitigates the need for sterile syringe filters or error prone transfer to 96-well plates. This reduces contamination risk of downstream analysis and provides an alternative for a mid-volume, medium throughput sample process.

24, 96 and 384-well Filter Plates. Pall has you Well-covered!

The AcroPrep family of filter plates also includes 96 and 364 well plates for high throughput sample prep and detection procedures. The 24-well plates complete the industry leading plates offering, covering all applications. The 96 well plates are optimized for DNA purification, protein buffers, aqueous filtration, lysate clearance and more. Additionally, the AcroPrep 384-well Filter Plates are ideal for use in high volume, high throughput sample prep applications. Whatever you're working on, we've got a plate for that!


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