New Items To Reduce Risk & Maintain Compliance

It’s more than just keeping your facility clean, having spill control products on hand helps your operation reduce risk and maintain compliance while your employees are safe and more productive.  Just added to the Thomas Scientific portfolio, check out these new product solutions that go beyond clean:

Sorbent Wipe Packs bring the absorbency and strength of sorbent pads to more convenient locations throughout your facility in a handy, smaller wipe size.  Resolve spills and hazards quickly by following the fluids in your facility and deploying these dispenser packs in strategic locations.  The Hi Vis Convenience Pack also features a highly visible warning sign on each sorbent wipe – notifying your employees of a potential hazard.

Whether it’s from inclement weather or equipment leaks, drips and oversprays, slippery wet floors are a hazard to your employees and your bottom line.  Based on a 2020 workplace safety report, workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses over a $1 billion per week.  Slips, trips and falls (on the same level) make up over 21% of that staggering figure (based on both commercial and government data).

Traction Rugs are an easy, durable solution to combat slips, trips & falls in a variety of locations. The perfect solution for surfaces that may become wet, these universal rugs absorb a wide variety of water-and oil- based liquid spills:

  • Bottom layer sticks to floors, counters and more using cling technology
  • Reusable - simply peel rug from floor and re-position
  • Durable top layer for trouble-free vacuuming, sweeping and mopping - product stays on the job longer
  • Rugs withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic

Every time you deploy a High Visibility Sorbent to manage and clean your leaks, drips and spills, you are posting a warning sign that keeps your workers safe.

  • High Vis sorbents have a durable, tear-resistant coverstock printed with a caution/warning sign
  • Ideal for high traffic areas where the risk of slips, trips and falls is greater

Thomas is offering High Vis sorbents in both pads and rolls as well in the convenience packs mentioned earlier.

Disinfecting Wipes – Whether you prefer a premoistened, 75% alcohol wet wipe or to use your existing cleaning and disinfecting solution in a wiper kit, you can easily manage facility hot spots and shared workspaces.

Prefer to spray and wipe?  The GT Series wipers are manufactured using a hydro-entanglement process weaving strength, absorbency and durability into every wipe.  They are a tough alternative to shop rags that can be used to absorb and clean up spills or wipe down surfaces after applying your disinfecting cleaner.

Go beyond clean and utilize these product solutions from FyterTech Nonwovens and Thomas Scientific to mitigate risk, limit downtime, maintain efficiencies, prevent slip and fall injuries, and avoid regulatory issues.

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