A Handy Guide to Understanding COVID-19

For the past few months, our lives have revolved around keeping up with the global pandemic. While the phrases, “social distancing” and “self-quarantine” have become commonplace in every household, our scientists and healthcare workers are even more so inundated with the fight against COVID-19.

While the science community is working hard every day on critical COVID-19 research and support, it can be difficult to validate all the news and information being spread.

That’s why we’re excited to share with you a collection of COVID-19 resources (articles, quick links, and government resources) curated by HIDA that are of particular interest to those in the scientific community.

COVID-19 Resource Center


Latest Articles


Get In the Know! Considerations When Specifying Lab Seating…

When purchasing laboratory seating, it’s important to understand how the working postures and movements as well as the primary responsibilities of users within the numerous disciplines of the industry can differ dramatically from those of staff in the office and other more conventional work environments.

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Explore the next generation of Orion Bench Meters

For 60 years, Orion lab products have helped scientists solve some of the most challenging issues facing society today. Whether they are used to bring safe drinking water to the community, test the quality and safety of food or beauty products or discover new drug therapies, Orion products deliver precise and accurate readings in the field and laboratory.

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Form Follows Function - LifeCycle Biotechnologies

Our cross-context design process allowed us to innovate a product that easily overcame the limitations of the bottles most commonly used in aseptic manufacturing.

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