How to Choose the Ideal Laboratory and Biotechnology Cleaning Product

Having a clean laboratory is crucial in preventing health and safety hazards from occurring and to improve overall operational efficiency. With hundreds of cleaning products available on the market, it may be hard to identify which product will suit your laboratory needs. Here are five questions that can help you select the best laboratory and biotechnology cleaning product for your applications.

How clean do you need it to be?

The level of cleanliness depends on the environment of the laboratory and the cleanliness requirements. However, for any laboratory cleaning, it is crucial to ensure that residue and contaminants are properly removed so that the value of the finished output is not hindered.

Critical cleaning refers to a specific type of cleaning in a highly restricted environment and is required by FDA, EU, or cGMP in any regulated biotechnology industry to remove residue or contaminants to below a desired preset level.

What factors should I consider before selecting a cleaning detergent?

Since there are many different cleaning detergents available, it is important to select the right detergent suitable for your applications. Five steps to consider when selecting a detergent include:

Identifying the pH is crucial to understand the types of soils that can effectively be removed. Choosing a detergent that has a near-neutral pH is beneficial because it makes it very versatile and able to manage a wide range of different soils.

Why use 7X for your cleaning applications?

Made in the United States under a cGMP compliant environment, 7X® can thoroughly clean various soils, such as biomaterials, proteins, enzymes, oils, biofuels, gels and pigments. From small glass spinner flasks to large stainless-steel fermentation tanks, 7X detergent can eliminate contamination and assure critical cleaning for all your biotechnology processing requirements.

The 7X series of detergents offer an environmentally friendly option and are very simple to use – just add 7X concentrate to purified water to generate the finished detergent, without mixing or pH adjustments.

Which 7X should I use?

What makes 7X unique?

7X detergent is available worldwide with lot-to-lot consistency, lot number tracking, certificates of analysis, shelf-life information, residue sampling techniques, ingredients disclosure, analytic methods and validation support.

It is a quality anionic/non-ionic surfactant for chemical wetting, foaming and emulsification, thereby allowing it to be a useful detergent for a range of different applications. 7X is not just a simple soap - it acts as a strong sequestering reagent. It is also a completely soluble, nontoxic solvent that leaves no leftover residue and rinses clean.

7X cleaning solutions also have a near-neutral pH for effectively cleaning numerous types of soils without corroding or etching the surface being cleaned. The 7X detergent series has two types of products: concentrate and ready-to-use. With the 7X concentrate products, simply add purified water to the concentrate to prepare the finished detergent; no need for mixing or pH adjustment. There are also ready-to-use 7X products that are available for further convenience and ease of use.

All 7X detergents come available in a variety of packaging configurations to accommodate a wide range of research or manufacturing settings. From everyday benchtop use to large-scale industrial needs, keep your lab free from contaminants with 7X products.



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