Biotix xPIPETTE - Pipette with Less Stress.

This isn't just your standard manual pipette. The xPIPETTE is part of the Biotix Ergonomix pipetting system, bringing together some of the industry's most advanced ergonomic and pipetting innovation.

The Biotix xPIPETTE system was developed through a partnership of innovation, ergonomics, and customer-focused commitment to quality. The result is a valuable alternative to the standard universal pipette systems. The xPIPETTE system delivers the same accuracy and dependability of quality universal systems, while also incorporating advanced ergonomic features to better meet the needs of today’s researchers. This pipette system incorporates positive stop tip technology, which provides several benefits including:

  • Enhanced Ergonomics. Universal pipetting systems make a seal by interference between the pipette barrel and tip wall. The deeper you push the universal pipette into the tip the higher the ejection force of the tip will be. Biotix xPIPETTE uses a positive stop system so that the barrel of the pipette can only be inserted to a calculated depth. This system guarantees low ejection forces on every tip independent of the insertion force/style.
  • A Dependable Tip Seal. The pipette barrel and the positive stop in the tip are precisely engineered to create a secure seal when the positive stop is reached. This feature gives you positive feedback that the tip is securely attached.

The Biotix xPIPETTE delivers the same dependable quality that Biotix customers have come to expect from all of our products. Additional features of the xPIPETTE Single Channel include:

  • Calibration to ISO 8655 standards with the Biotix xTIP4. Fully compatible with Rainin LTS tips.
  • Light spring forces and a precision engineered design, producing a smooth and controlled aspiration with perfect balance.
  • A padded ejector button, which reduces the dynamic forces and vibrations your hand is exposed to during ejection. The button is also symmetrically designed for left and right-hand users.
  • Color-coded plunger caps that match the Biotix xTIP4 compatible racks, and a unique serial number beneath the finger hook. This makes the xPIPETTE easy to add to your GLP standards.
  • Available in single, 8-channel, and 12-channel with sizes ranging between 0.2-2 µL to 100-1000 µL

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