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  • Thumbnail Image for Precision Cutter
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    The Slice™ Precision Cutter features a high-tech Zirconium Oxide blade that lasts longer than steel and never rusts. An artful combination of function and style with a distinct respect for ergonomics. Design by Karim Rashid. 2008 Good Design Award Winner: Chicago Athenaeum Museum of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Auto-Retractable Box Cutter
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    World's first auto-retractable box cutter with a ceramic blade. Patent-pending non-slip handle. Easy-hold finish protects hands by wrapping around fist while housing limits amount of exposed ceramic-blade to further reduce injuries. Automatically retracts back into the housing when slider button...

  • Thumbnail Image for Box Cutter Replacement Blades
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    Razor-sharp HAND SHARPENED ceramic replacement blades, for use only with the Slice™ ceramic box cutter. Each pack contains four (4) double-sided, rounded-tip ceramic blades. For use only with Slice Ceramic Box Cutters, each blade measures approximately 1-5/16" inches (34mm) in length....

  • Thumbnail Image for Pen Cutter

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    Auto-retractable pen-style cutter with replaceable ceramic blade. Patent-pending handle, rubberized slider button limits the amount of exposed ceramic-blade to further reduce injuries. Automatically retracts back into the housing for added safety when slider button is released. High-tech...

  • Thumbnail Image for Safety Cutter
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    Slice™ Safety Cutters are perfect for clipping, removing shrink-wrap and plastic packaging, and more. Used by manufacturing facilities world-wide to reduce injuries in the work place - even in the White House! The most versatile tool you'll ever own. Finger-friendly microscopic ceramic...

  • Thumbnail Image for Ceramic Scissors
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    Slice's Ceramic Scissors are next-generation safety tools for adults and children alike. With soft-touch finger grips and an ambidextrous design, these lightweight and compact scissors feature Slice's patented finger-friendly ceramic safety blades. Sharp enough to cut paper and fabric...

  • Thumbnail Image for Auto-Retractable Utility Knife
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    Slice's Auto-retractable utility knife gives you a long blade to cut through thick materials--including triple-walled cardboard--then pulls back to keep you safe when you're done. We've responded to customer demand for a durable auto-retracting utility knife with our patented ceramic...

  • Thumbnail Image for Stainless Steel Scissors
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    Sharp, powerful blades crafted from Japanese stainless steel in a unique lay-flat design make this pair of scissors worthy of it's own pedestal. The hand-polished finger-grips are incredibly comfortable for both lefties and righties. Design by Karim Rashid. Sharp powerful blades Japanese...

  • Thumbnail Image for Heavy-Duty Masonry Saw

    Gilson Co. Inc.
    Item #:

    HM-62 Heavy-Duty Masonry Saw has a heavier braced steel frame to resist flexing. Standard features include an integral steel support stand and foot-pedal control of cutting head height. The 2,350 blade rpm and powerful 5hp high-torque motor assure high-production performance. The 20in (508mm) blade...

  • Thumbnail Image for Manual Utility Knife
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    The Slice ceramic safety blade Manual Utility Knife allows the user to choose from one of five blade positions, customizing the blade length for each job. Designed for cutting a variety of materials from clamshell packaging to triple-walled cardboard, the Manual Utility Knife combines strength with...

  • Thumbnail Image for Rounded Tip Ceramic Utility Blades
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    These durable rounded-tip ceramic safety blades are compatible with the Smarty series cutters and the Slice Folding Utility Knife. The Rounded Tip Ceramic Utility Replacement Blades come in a pack of three double-sided blades, giving you two cutting edges per blade. Slice's patented safety...

  • Thumbnail Image for Finger Ring Cutter

    Miltex®, an Integra company
    Item #:

    For safe and efficient ring removal.

  • Thumbnail Image for Smart-Retract Utility Knife
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    The Slice Smart-Retract Utility Knife combines our patented ceramic blade with the next advance in safety features: smart-retract technology. Smart-retract ensures that the blade retracts as soon as it loses contact with your cutting material, even if you forget to release the blade slider. This...

  • Thumbnail Image for Ceramic Blade Craft Knife
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    The Slice ceramic blade precision Craft Cutter combines innovative design with safety. Features a textured grip for superior control, allowing the user to make accurate cuts with attention to fine details. Its replaceable ceramic blade features a rounded-tip for added safety, lasts up to 10x longer...

  • Thumbnail Image for Safety Cutter
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    The most versatile tool you'll ever own. Finger-friendly microscopic ceramic blade that's quick, easy and a safe substitute for scissors or traditional safety knives. Slice™ Safety Cutters are perfect for clipping, removing shrink-wrap and plastic packaging, and more. Used by...

  • Thumbnail Image for SmartSlicer™ Safety Razor Blades
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    Say No to dangerous sharps! At just 0.22 mm the US Patent Pending product is as thin as a single edge industrial razor blade, but much safer. Cleanly slice agarose gels right on the light box without scratching the surface Ideal for cutting soft tissue and plant matter Adjust the size required by...

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