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Saline Collection

Shop with Thomas Scientific for reliable sourcing of sterile saline solution. We offer international shipping of products from top suppliers like Teknova, Gemini Bioproducts, and more. Need sodium chloride saline solution (NaCl saline)? How about disposable saline samplers with swabs? Turn to Thomas!

Covid-19 Sample Collection Supplies - Sterile Saline Solution Products (5)

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  • Disposable Samplers with Saline Solution
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    Regular Saline Medium Non-toxic, safe and effective for home collection Produced according to the FDA standard Room temperature for transportation and storage After collection the sample transportation requirement: room temperature within 48h Used for collection, storage and transportation of...

  • Sterile Saline

    Edge Biologicals
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    Sterile Saline is used in making dilutions of samples in preparation for microbial testing of the sample. It is also used for diluting sterile reagents and microorganism preparations. Used in transporting COVID-19 (Corona Virus) samples

  • 0.9% Saline Solution, Tube

    Gemini Bioproducts
    Item #:

    3mL of 0.9% Saline in a 15mL conical tube. Please note: This is not a kit and does not contain a swab.

  • 0.9% Saline Solution, 3mL in 10mL Tube, 50 Tubes per Pack
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    This cell preservation solution and tube is ideal for keeping cells preserved during specimen collection.  Tube Diameter: 20.8 mm  Tube Length: 101.1 mm

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