Thomas carries a large selection of benchtop and portable pH meters for all your pH testing needs. Find the pH Meter or pH Tester best suited to your application.

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  • Image of Traceable® Salinity Meter

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    Traceable® pens for conductivity, dissolved solids, and salinity provides for conductivity, conductivity/total dissolved solids and salinity. Meters fulfill requirements for CAP, ASTM, NCCLS, CLSI, ACS, CLIA, AOAC, EPA, APHA, AWWA, WEF, USGS, USP, ISO and Federal/State regulations. Waterproof...

  • Image of Ion 2700 pH/Ion/mV/Temperature Meter


    GLP-compliant meter with pH, ORP, or ion concentration capability is perfect for water, wastewater, or food applications Large display with bright backlight Dynamic reading stability indication displays when your measurement is stable Up to 500-point memory with date-time stamp for GLP Password...

  • Image of Refillable, Combination pH Electrode


    Refillable, combination pH electrode for general laboratory purposes as well as beer testing. Reference: single, Ag/AgCl Junction/Flow Rate: ceramic, single / 15-20 µL/h Electrolyte: KCl 3.5M + AgCl Max Pressure: 0.1 bar Range: pH: 0 to 13 Recommended Operating Temp.: 20 to 40°C (68 to 104°F)...

  • Image of Conductivity Expansion Unit

    Mettler Toledo
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  • Image of Electrodes and Accessories for Inolab Benchtop pH Meters


    Electrodes 4258A53 electrode allows ORP measurements to be performed with all WTW pH/mV meters. Requires 4258A57 cable for use with Inolab Meters.

  • Image of Minilab Waterproof ISFET pH Testers


    Advanced silicon chip pH sensor provides stable readings in seconds Virtually unbreakable sensor Measures samples as small as a single drop pH Testers feature a digital LCD with 0.1 pH resolution and automatic temperature compensation. The non-glass, ISFET sensor stores dry and requires no...

  • Image of Replacement Parts & Accessories for YSI Model 556


    The 556 MPS handheld instrument has been discontinued. YSI will continue to support existing 556’s through 2020. The Professional Plus (Pro Plus) or ProDSS handheld instruments are suitable replacements. Versatile, multi-parameter hand-held instrument Measures DO, conductivity, temperature,...

  • Image of Dual Star™ pH, ISE, mV, ORP and Temperature Dual Channel Benchtop Meters

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Double your measurement capabilities with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Dual Star™ pH and ISE Benchtop Meter and record accurate and reliable pH, ion concentration, mV, ORP and temperature measurements on two available meter channels, ideal for high throughput pH and ion analysis...

  • Image of pH/Conductivity Tracer


    Measures multiple parameters Stores up to 25 data sets Waterproof to IP67 The PockeTester pH/Conductivity tracer measures five parameters including conductivity, TDS, salinity, pH and temperature using one electrode. Units of measure are pH, µS, mS, ppm, ppt, mg/L, g/L, °C and...

  • Placeholder Image for pH 4, 7, 10 Electrode Simulator

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  • Image of pH Meters and Accessories

    Sper Scientific

    The Basic pH Meter has large 7/8" high digits and a lightweight design. Ideal for both field and lab applications. Simple to operate and works with any electrode with a BNC connector. Measures the full 0 – 14 pH range with a high 0.01 pH resolution. Features 2 point calibration, hold function,...

  • Image of Accessories for pH Plus Direct Meter


    Accessories for pH Plus Direct Meter

  • Placeholder Image for pH Simulator

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  • Placeholder Image for pH Buffer Sachets

    Mettler Toledo
  • Image of Printer

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Printer attaches both mechanically and electrically Modes can be direct command or timed Compact, lightweight printer integrates with many Thermo Orion meters: 4152W21, 4159T11 and T30, 4155F15, 4260C15, E31 and E51. Provides a complete printed record of each pH or concentration measurement. In...

  • Image of Orion™ Basic Electrodes

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Perform basic pH measurements quickly and reliably with Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Basic Electrodes, for use with Orion™ Russell meters.

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