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ChemTrap H402 and V201 Filtration Option for Safety Cabinets

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ChemTrap H402 and V201 Filtration Option for Safety Cabinets

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Eliminate noxious vapors and protect against chemical inhalation.

Erlab's ChemTrap Filtration Option For Safety Cabinets is a filtration system that will filter the interior space of a flammable, acid, or corrosive cabinet. The filters will captures and retains toxic fumes, and returns clean air back to the laboratory, eliminating odors when the door is opened. Designed as a standalone system with no need for ducting to the outside, it is equipped with an adjustable pipe that accommodates connection points from the side or back of your existing cabinet via the bung.

Smart Technology™ – an exclusive set of tools that consists of Smart-Light Communication, chemical sensors (featured on non Midcap versions), real-time status, and the eGuard app. Smart Technology gives you an easily identifiable method of communication regarding filter alarm (non Midcap only) and fan status via a soft, LED band of light called Smart-Light. Smart-Light is a light signature across the front panel which casts a stable LED glow ensuring proper operation. If normal operation is disrupted, the reassuring LED light pulses and sounds, drawing the attention of the operator only when necessary for the following:     

2 beeps- Filter Alarm
3 beeps- Fan Failure 


  • User protection while saving energy
  • Easy installation, connection via bung port - No ductwork needed
  • Eliminates toxic fumes and odors while purifying lab air
  • Adaptable to any cabinet. Vertical (V) and horizontal (H) models available
  • Audible and visual indicators to ensure the filters and fan are working properly
  • Meets AFNOR NFX 15-211 filtration efficiency standard and ANSI Z9.5 2012 standard      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The first in filter is included in the price for intended cabinet type (AS for Flammable and BE for Acid), replacement types would be “F2” for H402 and “CF1” for V201. 

Model DescriptionH 402V 201
External width (in/mm)(19) 482(9-5/10) 245
External depth (in/mm)(17-3/4) 451

(21-3/4) 554

External height (in/mm)(12-3/8) 326(24-7/8) 632
Air Flow (m3/h / CFM)60 m3/h / 35 CFM35 m3/h - 21 CFM
Safety StandardsFiltration perfomances tested according to the AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 standard : France EN 1822: 1998 (HEPA H14) - CE Marking EN 61010)
Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz)110-230 V / 50-60 Hz110 - 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption2015
Flexible PVC pipe (feet / meter)3' 1" / 1 m3' 3" / 1 m
PVC Fitting2 to 4 in / 50 to 100 mm2 to 4 in / 50 to 100 mm

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ChemTrap V201 Filtration Option For Safety Cabinets Midcap, 80-220V/50-60Hz
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ChemTrap H402 Filtration Option For Safety Cabinets Midcap, 80-220V/50-60Hz
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