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CaptairBio PCR Workstations & Dead Air Boxes

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CaptairBio PCR Workstations & Dead Air Boxes

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Complete protection for your samples

CaptairBio PCR Workstations are designed to protect sensitive biological applications against both environmental pollution and cross-contamination. They feature a high efficiency filtration system that provides a particle-free workstation around the manipulation, bringing HEPA filtered clean air down to the work surface. High efficiency UV light are used to decontaminate the worktop from biological cross-contamination between two operations.  The units will arrive completely knocked down and will require assembly.  

Smart Technology™ – an exclusive set of tools that consists of Smart-Light Communication™, chemical sensors (optional if adding carbon filters), real-time status, and the eGuard app. Smart Technology gives you an easily identifiable method of communication regarding the sash being opened while the UV light is on, air face velocity is compromised: check sash, pre-filter, or HEPA/ULPA, and fan status via a soft, LED band of light called Smart-Light.  Smart-Light is a light signature across the front panel which casts a stable LED glow ensuring proper operation. If normal operation is disrupted, the reassuring LED light pulses and sounds, drawing the attention of the operator only when necessary for the following:     

2 beeps- Sash open with UV light on
3 beeps- Air Face Velocity is compromised; check sash, pre-filter, or HEPA/ULPA filter
4 beeps- Fan Failure  

CaptairBio 320 PCR Workstation will feature internal LED and UV lights only, the system will not feature a HEPA filter or will require replacement HEPA filters. The unit will come equipped with the needed stainless steel work surface. 

CaptairBio 321 and 391 PCR Workstation will come equipped with the needed quantity of GF4.HP filter, Pre-Filter M needed for first time use, and stainless steel work surface.  
Future replacement filters can be found under Filters for Captair Ductless Filtering Fume Hoods, Powder Weighing Stations, AirFlow Laminar Flow Hoods, AirProtect PCR Workstations, and AirStore Ductless Filtering Storage Cabinets (834 & 1634), GF4.HP and Pre-Filter M     

Model 320*321391
Safety standards NF EN 61010 - CE Marking NF EN 61010 - CE Marking - EN 1822:1998 (HEPA H14 & ULPA U16 Filters)
External width (in-mm) (317/8) 810 (317/8 ) 810(395/8) 1006
External depth (in-mm) (241/4 ) 615 (241/4 ) 615(241/4 ) 615
External height min-max (in-mm) (281/8 ) 714 (381/8 - 42 ) 968-1067(381/8 - 42 ) 968-106730
Internal width (in-mm) (307/8 ) 784 (307/8 ) 784(381/8 ) 968
Internal depth min-max (in-mm) (195/8 - 201/8 ) 498-511 (195/8 - 201/8 ) 498-511(195/8 - 201/8 ) 498-511
Internal height (in-mm) (221/4 ) 565 (233/8 ) 594(233/8 ) 594
Voltage / Frequency (V-Hz) 220-240 / 50-60 or 100-110 / 60 100-240 / 50-60
Air flow (m3/h-CFM)-1P1C1P1P1C1P
200 / 118245 / 144200 / 118245 / 144
Power consumption (Watts) 2540454055Decibel level (dBA) < 40 54575557
Side and front panels10 mm thick synthetic glass is designed to protect users from harmful UV rays and β (Bêta) emitted from radioactive isotopes such as: T(3H), 14C, 32P
Structure Corrosion resistant electro-galvanized steel coated with anti-acid polymer
Filtration module Polypropylene

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Also known as: CAP-BIO321
CaptairBio 391 PCR Workstation, 39", HEPA Filter, 80-220V/50-60Hz
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Thomas No.
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CaptairBio 321 PCR Workstation, 32", HEPA Filter, 80-220V/50-60Hz
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