5.5 Simple Questions to Ask When Selecting a Data Logger

After spending nearly a decade in the temperature monitoring space, one question I still get asked is “Which temperature data logger is right for me?” Understandably, there is now more information online and more temperature monitoring companies than ever before. This can make selecting the correct data logger confusing and downright frustrating. No need to worry. There are just 5.5 simple questions to ask yourself to make your choice easy.

1. What is the application? Are you monitoring equipment, walk-ins, or products in transit? It is easy to be caught up in buzzwords like IoT, Bluetooth, or real-time, but these are truly just buzzwords if they are not meeting your application and breaking your budget.

2. Are you monitoring any critical rooms and/or equipment that require remote alarm notifications? Determine who will receive and respond to remote notifications if there is a power outage or equipment failure after hours.

3. Do you require compliant solutions? To meet GMP, CFR21, GAMP5, GDP regulations and guidance.

4. Does this require more work? When considering a temperature monitor, be sure it enhances your existing processes, increases efficiency, and has a positive impact on your bottom line.

5. Do you require service? Be sure the vendor you are considering can provide you with the technical resources and customer service that you require.

5.5 Have you asked the experts? After answering the questions above, it will be far less confusing when you consult with a vendor. If your needs are not easily addressed, move on to a more reputable vendor.

Ed DiFillippo
VP Sales – North America
ELPRO Services, Inc.

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