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  • Dulbecco's Modification of Eagle's Medium (DMEM)

    Corning cellgro

    Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium (DMEM) is a modification of Basal Medium Eagle (BME) containing four-fold concentrations of the amino acids and vitamins found in BME. The original formulation was used to culture embryonic mouse cells and has since been modified to support a variety of…

  • Attest™ Biological Indicators and Test Packs for Steam

    3M Food Safety

    48 hour result (brown cap) and 24 hour result (blue cap) biological indicators and test packs for steam sterilization cycles Biological indicators that monitor the effectiveness of the steam sterilization process and provide results within 24-48 hours. Biological indicators provide the best…

  • Trypticase™ Soy Agar with Lecithin and Polysorbate 80 (RODAC™)


    Prepared RODAC™ (Replicate Organism Detection and Counting) plates are recommended for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms present on surfaces of sanitary importance.

  • BBL Gram Stain Kits And Reagents


    Contains all of the components needed for performing the Gram Stain test for categorizing bacteria as gram-negative or gram-positive C376G23 Kit contains one 250 mL bottle of each of the following: gram crystal violet solution, gram safranin solution, gram decolorizer solution and gram iodine…

  • HiCrome™ EC O157: H7 Agar


    HiCrome EC O157: H7 Agar is a chromogenic medium recommended for isolation and differentiation of O157:H7 from food and environmental samples.

  • RPMI 1640

    Corning cellgro

    Named for the site at which it was developed, the Roswell Park Memorial Institute, RPMI 1640 is a modification of McCoy's 5A containing an increased level of inositol. Examples of cell types for which this medium is appropriate include mammalian myeloma and hybridoma cells such as mouse…

  • Bacto™ Tryptone


    Enzymatic digest of casein

  • Sheep Blood, Defibrinated

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Our animal blood is obtained from a controlled herd that is kept free of antimicrobic drugs and disease. All animals are maintained in a healthy condition and treated humanely in accordance with government regulations. Fresh blood is delivered to Hardy Diagnostics every week. We ship to our…

  • Nu-Serum™ IV Growth Medium Supplements


    Corning® Nu-Serum™ IV Growth Medium Supplement is a low-protein alternative to newborn calf, fetal bovine, and other sera routinely used for cell culture. Replaces fetal bovine and other sera on an equivalent volume basis. Quality Tested at a concentration of 10%…

  • HyClone™ Penicillin-Streptomycin 100X Solution

    GE Healthcare

    Control/destroy destructive microorganisms such as bacteria with GE Healthcare HyClone Penicillin-Streptomycin 100X solution. Broad spectrum bacteriostatic with activity against gram negative and gram positive organisms Used as an antibacterial or antimycobacterial Penicillin interferes…

  • Difco™ Dehydrated Culture Media


    Manufactured and tested for uniformity and consistency from lot-to-lot Packaging offered in 100 g, 500 g, 2 kg and 10 kg BBL/Difco Laboratories maintains a strong commitment to research and development, resulting in an extensive range of media formulations. Material Safety Data Sheets in…

  • Self-Contained Biological Indicators


    Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBIs) for monitoring sterilization processes provide fast, visible,consistent and reliable results offering peace of mind for assurance of effective steam sterilization processing. Use of SCBIs reduces the possibility of contamination and minimizes the…

  • Clean-Trace™ NG Luminometer

    3M Food Safety

    With the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring System, you can be confident that you’ll see clean. Our easy-to-use handheld device and  three-step process make testing  simple. When combined with our cutting-edge software, it’s a complete system you can rely on. Our…

  • McFarland Standard, Latex Equivalent # 0.5

    Hardy Diagnostics

    The McFarland Latex Standards are prepared from suspensions of uniform latex particles with similar absorbance values as the original barium sulfate standards. The stability of McFarland Latex Standards allows for a significantly longer shelf-life, better uniformity, and less clumping, than the…

  • Attest™ Biological Indicator Incubator

    3M Food Safety

    3M Attest Biological Indicator Incubator, 14-vial (round), 56°C steam, 120 nominal voltage required, 90-132V acceptable 3M Attest Incubator that provides optimal incubation conditions for the accurate readout of 3M™ Attest™ Biological Indicators. Since the growth of each test…

  • Minimum Essential Medium (MEM)

    Corning cellgro

    Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) is a common cell culture medium developed from early work using Basal Medium Eagle (BME) with normal mammalian fibroblasts and certain subtypes of HeLa cells. This research indicated that additions made to BME aided cell propagation. MEM is modified with higher…

  • Biological Indicator Mini Spore Strips for Monitoring EO/Dry Heat Sterilization…


    Crosstex offers a full line of Mini Spore Strips for use in monitoring sterilization processes. Mini Spore Strips consist of inoculated filter paper, 2 mm x 10 mm, packaged in glassine peel pouches or envelopes. The glassine packaging provides protection from environmental contaminants during…

  • Magenta™ GA-7 Plant Culture Box


    Made of polycarbonate, non-sterile vessel with polypropylene lid Magenta boxes are vessels used in the plant culture process The boxes are autoclavable and resuable They are sturdy and leak free The clear surface allows one to view samples without disrupting growth The boxes have a…

  • Blood Agar Plate, 5% Sheep Blood in Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) Base

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Features: For the non-selective cultivation of microorganisms. General growth media for bacteria, yeast, and fungi Contains 5% sheep blood from a veterinary supervised, controlled herd of donor animals. Blood is guaranteed to be from healthy antibiotic-free animals Polystyrene Petri…

  • Letheen Broth

    General Lab Products

    Base for Determining the Phenol Coefficient of Cationic Surface-Active Materials.

  • Biological Indicator Spore Strips for Monitoring Steam Sterilization Processes…


    Crosstex offers a full line of Spore Strips for use in monitoring sterilization processes. Spore Strips consist of inoculated filter paper, 6 mm x 30 mm, packaged in glassine peel pouches or envelopes. The glassine packaging provides protection from environmental contaminants during transport post…

  • Quick Swab

    3M Food Safety

    The 3M™ Quick Swab is a ready-to-use environmental swab system consisting of a five inch, rayon-tipped swab containing Letheen neutralizing buffer to facilitate recovery of bacteria. Benefits 3M™ Quick Swabs reduce labor required to prepare, gather and plate environmental…

  • m-FC Broth with Rosolic Acid


    Ready-to-use Millipore media solve numerous problems in microbiology laboratories where time, equipment and trained personnel are often in short supply. Millipore media are available in convenient, single test 2 mL plastic ampoules, eliminating the manipulation of glass ampoules and avoiding the…

  • Casein Peptone


    Casein Peptone is enzymic digest of casein. It is manufactured under controlled conditions. Casein being a rich source of amino nitrogen, the hydrolysed product casein peptone obtained also contains peptides, aminoacids etc. which acts as nitrogen source for microorganisms when used in media…

  • Dilu-Lok II™, Deionized Sterile Water

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Our pre-filled dilution vials are designed for the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and water industries; and are filled to 25ml, 90ml, or 99ml with a variety of buffers and solutions available from Hardy Vials are made of sturdy polypropylene with a leak-proof seal that holds up even during air…

  • EZ Accu Shot™ Select Kit


    EZ-Accu Shot™ is a quantitative QC microorganism preparation designed for performing Growth Promotion Tests of culture media with ease. Each EZ-Accu Shot™ lyophilized QC microorganism preparation is designed to deliver 10-100 CFU per 0.1 ml of hydrated suspension as recommended by the…

  • Spore Ampoules with Geobacillus stearothermophilus


    Spore Ampoules are ideal for use in validation and routine monitoring of liquid steam sterilization cycles. Spore Ampoules are manufactured using hermetically sealed Type I borosilicate glass containing an exclusively formulated Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) modified with pH indicator, and Geobacillus…

  • Nutrient Pad Sets


    Nutrient pads are sterile pads impregnated with dehydrated culture media. Once they are moistened with 3.0–3.5 ml of sterile water they are ready to use immediately. Nutrient Pads reduce labor and simplify many microbiological testing procedures. May be safely stored at room temperature for up to…

  • Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) Agar, Modified

    S2 Media

    Holt-Harris and Teague Formulation A slightly selective medium for the isolation, differentiation, and cultivation of gram-negative enteric bacilli This medium can be used with clinical and non-clinical samples Our manufacturing facility and QSM comply with cGMP's for medical device…

  • Comply™ SteriGage™ Steam Chemical Integrator

    3M Food Safety

    An ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005 Class 5 Integrating Indicator for use in determining whether the sterilization process conditions were met inside each pack. Can be used in all 250-275°F sterilization cycles. As an internal pack monitor, the 3M™ Comply™ (SteriGage™) Class 5…

  • HyClone™ RPMI 1640 Media

    GE Healthcare

    Support cell culture growth and biomanufacturing processes with GE Healthcare HyClone RPMI 1640 media, manufactured using ISO 9001 certified processes.

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