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Attention Thomas Scientific Customers

Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • Used for collection, storage and transportation of human nasopharyngeal virus samples Unused VTM medium can be transported at room temperature Sample transport temperature requirement & storage time: 2 to 4 C°, 48h Individually wrapped and sterile

  • VTM Kits are stored at room temperature with a shelf life of 24 months Application: For clinical influenza, avain influenza (such as H7N9), hand-foot-mouth disease, measles and other virus samples such as mycoplasma, urea plasma, chlamydia collection and transportation. Ingredients: …

  • PrimeStore® MTM

    Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics LLC

    Click on the Additional Info Tab for important technical data and information Inactivates/kills infectious biological pathogens, including MTB, gram positive/negative bacteria, and viruses Disrupts/lyses lipid membranes Destroys proteins and enzymes Inactivates nucleases …

  • Smart Transport Medium™ FDA cleared MedSchenker STM and AccuSwab™ is cleared for FDA under class I. The AccuSwab™ is a flocked swab,, designed for nasopharyngeal applications.       Reliability in room temperature MedShenker STM can…

  • INTENDED USE Teknova Saline Solution is recommended for use as an isotonic diluent and for preparing test solutions of organisms. SUMMARY AND EXPLANATION The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) recommends the use of normal saline (0.85%) to help maintain cell…

  • DNA/RNA Shield™ Saliva Collection Kit

    Zymo Research Corporation

    DNA/RNA transport medium for saliva Nucleic Acid Preservation (at ambient temperature; cold-free) Pathogen Inactivation (bacteria, fungus, parasites & viruses) Streamlined Purification (no reagent removal, universally compatible, automatable) The DNA/RNA Shield™…

  • Collect samples from the mouth, nose, and throat. Samples can also be collected where a swab may be deemed appropriate per application. Formats include a swab-based collection method into a collection device or a collection tube ready for sample homogenization. Nucleic Acid Preservation (at…

  • DNA/RNA Shield

    Zymo Research Corporation

    The collection and transportation of samples for subsequent nucleic acid analysis has historically been difficult due to DNA/RNA degradation or modification caused by environmental factors and by pathogens present in the sample. Current collection and transportation methods require the use of…

  • DNA/RNA Shield™ Collection Tubes

    Zymo Research Corporation

    General collection device for transporting and storing samples.

  • DNA/RNA Shield™ Blood Collection Tubes

    Zymo Research Corporation

    Conveniently collect whole blood directly into our DNA/RNA Shield™ blood vacuum tubes. Each evacuated tube draws in an exact amount of whole blood which instantly stabilizes the nucleic acid and inactivates any harmful/pathogenic organisms in the sample. Nucleic Acid Preservation (at…

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