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Water Chiller
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  • CF Series Water Circulators


    Powerful and water saving closed cooling system with excellent cooling capacity Features Environment friendly coolant used for refrigeration Waterproof touch panel with big LED display and sheet key for easier setting Less energy use and less cooling capacity loss by fixing the…

  • HighTech Refrigerated/Heating Circulators


    The HighTech Series of JULABO Refigerated / Heating Circulators provide a range of operating temperatures from -28 °C to +200 °C to -50 °C to +200 °C. These temperature control units are suitable for temperature control of internal and external applications. Models equipped with…

  • Recirculating Chiller


    …repeatedly changing the water is no longer necessary. Quick-connect tubing and fittings (ordered separately) are used to attach the chiller to the ports on the cup horn and microplate horn. Simply set the chiller to a desired temperature, from 2-45°C, and cold water will recirculate through…

  • Flow-through Chiller

    Huber USA

    Chillers are designed for simple, low demand cooling applications. They are commonly used in combination with heating circulators to remove heat in order to cool a process back to room temperature. Cooling of fluids Ideal for counter-cooling or as a replacement of cooling water

  • Recirculating Chillers, F-305 / F-308 / F-314


    …and dynamic pressure adjustment without waiting until chiller reaches it’s set temperature Ecological ECO-mode: saves energy and reduces heat emission by switching into a stand-by mode when not in use No water consumption Maximizes distillation capacity while reducing…

  • FL Series Recirculating Coolers


    JULABO FL Series Recirculating Cooler / Chillers for routine laboratory cooling applications. PID temperature control provides ±0.5°C stability. Proportional cooling control adjusts the cooling power to the load of the application and saves energy. Units incorporate RS232 interface and…

  • F Series Recirculating Coolers


    JULABO F Series Recirculating Coolers are a great way to replace tap water and are ideal for basic cooling tasks. Models include a splash-proof membrane keypad with LED temperature display and integrated timer. Easy filling / draining with a fill level indicator and overflow port on the back. Units…

  • Ai Series Recirculating Chillers with Centrifugal Pumps

    Across International

    …laboratory chiller, these closed laboratory chillers are ideal for applications such as cooling rotary evaporators, analytical instrumentation, laser etching, ICP, vacuum systems, plasma etching and jacketed reactors. This system can also be used as a replacement to tap water cooling in laboratory…

  • Minichiller Compact Chillers

    Huber USA

    …economic and environmentally friendly cooling solution for many laboratory applications. A calculation of water and waste water costs shows that a Minichiller can save up to 48,000 litres of water in a working week and due to its low procurement price, return on investment is achieved within a very…

  • Ai Series Compact Recirculating Chillers

    Across International

    …laboratory chiller, this closed laboratory chiller is ideal for applications such as cooling rotary evaporators, analytical instrumentation, laser etching, ICP, vacuum systems, plasma etching and jacketed reactors. This system can also be used as a replacement to tap water cooling in laboratory…

  • LT ecocool™ Energy Efficient Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Baths

    Grant Instruments

    …range True energy saving of up to 80% against standard compressor units Built in Britain to the highest specifications Thermostat and chiller work in harmony, neither will operate alone, eliminating any danger of overheating or freezing Single front switch for user convenience Modern,…

  • Unichiller Chiller / Recirculating Cooler

    Huber USA

    water temperature compared to traditional tap water cooling. Chillers also reduce water consumption and help conserve the environment whilst lowering operating costs. Unichillers are suitable for the removal of heat from chemical processes, cooling technical plants or as a central cooling water

  • Refrigerated Shaking Bath

    Lindberg/Blue M

    …independent power cords for bath and refrigeration system. Two 5-ft Hoses with worm gear clamps are included for customer connection of bath to chiller unit. For thermometer (sold separately) order 0220C87. Stainless steel gable cover available on special order. Maximum temperature dependent on…

  • Variocool Chillers


    Circulation chillers for variable use in laboratory, mini-plant and production for temperatures from -20 up to 40°C The LAUDA Variocool circulation chillers offer a broad performance spectrum for demanding temperature control tasks. The color TFT screen makes operation easy. A USB…

  • Bath Fluids for Refrigerated Circulators


    …for operation in chillers and circulating baths. Concentrated ethylene glycol with a stainless steel friendly stabilizer. Before operation dilute 1:1 with water for an operating range of -30°C to +80°C. Recommended for use in JULABO F and FL circulating chillers. Can also be used in…

  • ENDURO™ VE20 Blotter System


    …electrodes 4 cm apart for rapid transfers is also available, E2020-HITB. The detachable cooling coil, which connects to the laboratory water supply or a recirculating chiller, prevents buffer depletion to allow overnight transfers and fast high-intensity blots. It also maintains the low temperatures…

  • PRESTO® Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems


    JULABO PRESTO® Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems for highly precise temperature control of external applications. Systems offer rapid heating and cooling rates for fast compensation of external events. The hydraulically sealed heat exchanger design afford a wid working temperature range…

  • Immersion Cooler

    Huber USA

    …circulation thermostats or replacement of dry ice. For many applications immersion coolers are also an environmentally friendly alternative to mains water cooling. The TC immersion coolers are suitable for unsupervised use, for cooling tasks which require continuous cooling or as a variant with…

  • Heat Transfer Station

    Huber USA

    …circulators when a chilled water supply is already available. The HTS heat exchanger is suited for temperature control of bio reactors, condensers, rotary evaporators, vapour traps etc. Efficient circulation pump Efficient thermal transfer Low cooling water usage LED temperature…

  • Oasis Heating & Cooling System


    …Air-cooled: Does not require house or facility chilled water. Can operate in any standard room, laboratory or office Lower Heat Load: Available in capacities from 160-190 Watts, well below the economical range of refrigerant-based chillers Versatile: Universal power input – so…

  • TopTech Refrigerated/Heating Circulators


    The TopTech Series of JULABO Refigerated / Heating Circulators provide a range of operating temperatures from -20 °C to +200 °C to -50 °C to +200 °C. These temperature control units are suitable for temperature control of internal and external applications. Models equipped with…

  • polycool HC -50


    …temperature performance without toxicity or risk to environment, equipment, or personnel. Provides low-temp properties of synthetic, organic, and silicone fluids with thermal properties of water based glycols. Temperature Range: -50° to 100°C For use with chillers and circulators.

  • ARCTIC™ Refrigerated Bath Starter Packages

    Thermo Scientific

    Save when you bundle Thermo Scientific™ ARCTIC™ refrigerated bath circulators and accessories! Thermo Scientific ARCTIC refrigerated bath circulators provide outstanding cooling power, expansive temperature ranges, powerful force/suction pumps, and sophisticated digital control…

  • CC Visco 3 with Pilot ONE

    Huber USA

    …temperature distribution in the thermostat bath. For operation below or near the ambient temperature there is a cooling coil integrated for a cooling water connection. Various function packages for the Pilot ONE can be activated using E-grade as required. NEW! The new multi-touch controller…

  • CC-E Immersion Thermostats

    Huber USA

    …requirements of Safety Class III (FL) for use with flammable fluids. A pump adapter for external temperature control and cooling coils for a cooling water connection are available as accessories. NEW! The new multi-touch controller Pilot ONE offers a brilliant 5.7" touchscreen with…

  • Thermo Button - Hydro Button

    Plug & Track

    …Humidity Controls, Product Tracking, Transport, Storage, Process, HACCP... Small, rugged, it can survive any harsh environment, resists to dust, to water. Collected data is stored with date and time in the protected memory. From -40°C to 125°C (-40 to 257°F), 3 different models…

  • polyclean CLARIFIER


    Prevents growth of algae, keeps reservoir clean and odor-free. Concentrated: 8 oz (237 mL) treats approximately 200 gallons (757 liters). For use with circulators, chillers, and general purpose water baths.

  • polycool EG -25


    …point of water to allow circulation at below freezing temperatures. High toxicity. Recommend mixing with distilled water for broadest temperature range. Temperature Range: -25° to 100°C (-13° to 212°F) when mixed 50%/50% with distilled water. For use with Chillers and…

  • Poly-Clear Fluid (For G3292A Chiller)

    Agilent Technologies

    Includes distilled water with algaecide for PolyScience Model 3370 water recirculator 5 x 1/2 gallon per case

  • MaxQ™ Compact 4450 Benchtop Incubated Shaker

    Thermo Scientific

    …and timed operation Triple eccentric drive handles heavy workloads Compact 11” x 13” footprint The MaxQ 4450 chiller pumps a mixture of ethylene glycol and water through a cooling coil in the shaker. A fan blows air over the cooling coil to obtain a refrigerated atmosphere.

  • CT-2000 Constant Temperature Bath

    Cannon Instrument

    …glare-free illumination. A built-in cooling coil permits operation at or slightly below, ambient temperature when connected to an external chiller or tap water hookup. All wetted parts are constructed of stainless steel, glass or PTFE. The bath housing is fabricated from heavy aluminum and coated…

  • Forte HT High Temperature Circulators


    …filling system automatically purges the external fluid circuit of air. Units equipped with the "C.U." provide powerful cooling with tap water - up to 15 kW of cooling power at temperatures >200 °C. Typical applications: reactors, autoclaves, distillation columns, miniplant…

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