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  • Immersion Coolers


    These coolers provide low-temperature capabilties for non-refrigerated circulators and baths, for circulators requiring additional cooling capacity, and for replacing dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Coolers are designed to run at maximum cooling rate. Temperature control should be provided by an…

  • LTC4 Refrigerated Circulating Bath Kit

    Grant Instruments

    The TX150 - R4 is available as a kit with the circulator, refrigeration unit and insulated tubing and clips to form a system ready to use.The Grant Optima™ LTC4 Kit includes TX150 heating circulator and R4 tank/refrigeration unit: TX150-R4 20 litre tank with drain tap …

  • Immersion Cooler

    Huber USA

    The TC range of immersion coolers are a flexible solution for a variaty of cooling tasks. The devices are simple and universally used for rapid cooling of fluids. Typical applications include counter-cooling for heat circulation thermostats or replacement of dry ice. For many applications immersion…

  • FT Series Immersion Coolers


    JULABO Immersion Coolers provide counter-cooling when connected to a heating circulator or rapidly cool fluids down to a low temperature. With easy operation the units are suitable for a variety of cooling applications. Units are an alternative to cooling with dry ice or tap water. The FT200,…

  • Model Kr60A Flow-Through Cooler


    An economical alternative to the tap water cooling of heated circulating baths when rapid cool-downs or operation at or near ambient is required. Continuous cooling to -25°C Designed to run at maximum cooling Ideal for use with heated and refrigerated circulating baths

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