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  • Kinetic Vibration-Free Platforms


    …or active-air designs Excellent horizontal isolation ISO Class 5 (formerly Class 100) cleanroom compatible These platforms reduce vibration and shock when using precision testing equipment, such as balances. There are two configurations, the passive-air and active-air platforms. The…

  • Vibration-Free Platforms

    Terra Universal

    …Platform cures the shakes by providing benchtop vibration isolation in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Four pneumatic all-axis isolators act as highly stable air springs that isolate up to 90% of typical building vibrations (see efficiency curves, at right). With the help…

  • Vibration Isolation Table for Purifier Horizontal Clean Benches


    Vibration Isolation Table, provides an isolated work surface for conducting procedures with vibration-sensitive equipment such as microscopes and balances. The table never makes contact with the clean bench so vibration from the motor/blower is not transmitted to the table. Epoxy-coated steel frame,…

  • Scienceware® Vibrasorb® Vibration Damping Mount

    Bel-Art Products

    …instruments from disturbing vibrations Two convenient sizes Absorb vibration down to 9 Hz Molded of dense black and white terrazzo, with four Vibro-Absorber™ cushions and neoprene feet, damping mount absorbs even the slightest vibrations. Supports up to 35 lbs. Available…

  • Heavy Duty Vibration Meter


    … Ranges — Acceleration (peak): 656ft/s2 (200m/s2), Velocity (peak): 7.87in/s (200mm/s), Displacement (peak-to-peak): 0.078in (2mm) Remote vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 39"(1m) cable Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz Resolution to 2ft/s2 (0.5m/s2), 0.02in/s (0.5mm/s),…

  • Vibration Meter

    Sper Scientific

    Measures velocity and acceleration. The large display indicates RMS, peak, min/ max, hold, and low battery. Features auto power off and an RS232 computer interface. Comes ready to use in a foam-lined hard-shell carrying case with a strongly magnetic detachable probe, 9V battery and…

  • Foamtec® Foam Wipes


    … Reticulated 100 pore-per-inch polyurethane foam wipes Good sorptive capacity Excellent for trapping and holding particulate contamination Applications Designed for screen cleaning in microelectronics and other applications Excellent padding to reduce vibration

  • Anti-vibration Table

    Adam Equipment

    The Adam Equipment Anti-Vibration Table is designed for use in the laboratory or metrology room to provide suitable working conditions for devices that are sensitive to vibrations and shocks.

  • Scienceware® Vibrasorb® Damping Mounts

    Bel-Art Products

    … Vibrasorb® Vibration Damping Mounts facilitate optimal use and help protect electromechanical and optical equipment from excessive wear and even structural damage that can be caused by exposure to vibration. Durable work platform keeps equipment steady Vibrations caused by nearby…

  • Turbo Mixers

    LW Scientific

    …with a variable speed control of up to 3000 RPM and can be activated to vibrate continuously or by pressure to the head. The high quality motor comes with a one year warranty and has been designed to offer quiet and vibration free vortex mixing action. Features: Suction cup feet Metal…

  • Balance Vibration Isolator


  • Vibration Meter + Laser Combination Tachometer


    …analysis Complete with remote vibration sensor, magnetic mount, wheels for linear surface speed or RPM (cone tip and flat tip), reflective tape, 4 AA batteries, software with cable, and hard carrying case Vibration Meter Features: Remote vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 39"(1m)…

  • Vibrations and Waves Set

    United Scientific Supplies

    …mechanical vibration generator and a sine wave signal generator and includes a support system anda range of accessories.  The imprtant basic types of mechanical vibrations and waves can be investigated.  Includes demonstrations featuring: transverse standing waves on a vibrating string,…

  • Traceable® Vibrating Timer


    Innovative countdown timer vibrates when time is up. Quietly nudges you during a meeting or perfect for loud environments when hearing a buzzer is impossible. Select either vibrating or an audible alarm with the flip of a switch Individually numbered keys make setting time fast and easy …

  • Scienceware® Quaver® Vibrating Spatulas

    Bel-Art Products

    Make accurate additions of precious materials as needed. Rotating the toothed thumb wheel vibrates the curved tip spatula, giving you control over transfer from spatula to weighing dish. Available with a plain stainless steel blade or with a brown Fluo-Kem® Teflon® FEP coating …

  • Scienceware® Quaverette® Micro-Blade Vibrating Spatulas

    Bel-Art Products

    Make accurate additions of precious materials as needed. Rotating the toothed thumb wheel vibrates the curved tip spatula, giving you control over transfer from spatula to weighing dish. Narrow V-shaped blade and 21cm (8-1/4”) length maneuvers easily into small mouth containers and…

  • Flexible Duct Connections


    Reduce vibration between the blower and PVC ductwork. Include two clamps for easy installation.

  • Diphenylcyclopropenone

    MP Biomedicals

    Diphenylcyclopropenone is a potent hapten. Its vibration frequency has been evaluated. Diphenylcyclopropenone was used in topical immunotherapy.

  • Fiber-Lite® 180 Illuminators

    Dolan Jenner

    Durable and quiet with the lowest possible vibration levels Compatible with all Fiber-Light standard and custom fiber optic light guides

  • Ultra Clamps


    Strong Aluminum Alloy Fitted with Over-sized knobs Rods supported on 4 inch long surface to avoid vibration and wobble

  • Flexible Duct Connections

    INSTOCK Labs

    This connection reduces vibration between the blower and PVC Superduct pipe. Supplied with two clamps for easy installations. 25' length. 2017 INSTOCK Laboratory Furnishings Catalog

  • V-3 Vortex Mixer


    …trustworthy addition to every laboratory, and accommodates any test tube up to 50ml volume. Features: 50 to 4,000 RPM 4mm rotor vibration amplitude Compact design: 5 x 2.4 in. Amazingly strong Hands-free mode Simple vortex intensity control 2 mixing adapters Dome…

  • Reax Top Test Tube Shakers


    The strong 5 mm vibration orbit yields the best results even with high viscosity media or solids out of solution and quickly gives a smooth and even dispersion Switch to continuous mode - the unit performs a permanent vibration motion Switch to automatic mode - the units will start once a…

  • Tap Dancer Mini Tube Vortexer


    Compact, with low profile and small footprint Pressure sensitive cup Continuous or touch operation Rubber suction pads prevent walking, absorb vibration Low voltage supply for safe cold room use 2-year manufacturer's warranty Power Pac is UL, CSA and CE approved

  • Marble Slab

    Gawet Marble & Granite

    Standard Hone Mat Finish, for use on laboratory table to reduce vibration Overall dimensions 20 x 13 x 2 inches thick; weight: 60 lbs. Shipped directly from quarry, F.O.B. Center, Rutland, VT.

  • Tap Dancer Mini Tube Vortex Mixer

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Compact, with low profile and small footprint. Pressure sensitive cup Continuous or touch operation Rubber suction pads prevent walking, absorb vibration Low voltage supply for safe cold room use 2 Year warranty Power pack is UL, CSA and CE approved

  • Cross Stirring Bars

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    This all-purpose stir bar permits stirring in closed containers without contamination. Ideal for use with conical bottom HPLC reservoirs. PTFE-covered X-shaped magnetic stirring bar More turbulence with less vibration than straight stir bars Autoclavable

  • LSE™ Vortex Mixers with Standard Tube Head


    The Corning variable speed LSE Vortex Mixer provides fast, efficient mixing with minimal vibration. The unit features a powerful, counter-balanced motor drive, continuous or "touch" mix modes. A range of accessories are available for all common sample tubes and containers. Features: …

  • PTR-35 360° vertical multi-function rotator

    Grant Instruments

    …– vertical rotation, reciprocation and vibration – for thorough mixing of microtubes and reproducible sample preparation. All mixing functions can be linked or used separately. 360°C vertical rotation, reciprocation and vibration functions all in one compact product …

  • Octagon D200 Digital Sieve Shaker


    …control enables the vibration to run continuously or intermittently. Intermittent vibration improves performance and helps to clear apertures that may have become blocked. The controller will also set the duration of the 'on' and 'off' times of the vibration. The Octagon D200 Digital…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Linear Shaker


    …and incubator compatible Maximum load 3Kg/6.6Lbs Comes with an anti-slip Tissue Culture Flask Platform for culture flasks, flasks etc 0-200RPM shaking speed range 20mm linear action Stable operation, low vibration cTUVus approved CE Marked 2 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Support Stand Clamps


    … Accommodates 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch diameter shaft of Talboys motor support and rod of 8596B10 support stand Stainless Steel Construction Strong aluminum alloy with a brushed finish and large knobs facilitate easy tightening Rods supported on 4 inch long surface to avoid vibration and wobble

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