Vacuum Manifold For 96 Well Plates

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Vacuum Manifold For 96 Well Plates
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  • Minifold I System

    GE Healthcare

    …complete 96 well (acrylic) Minifold I System Superior 96-well manifold for proteins and nucleic acid spot-blot array system. The Minifold I System consists of four basic components: sample well plate, filter support plate, vacuum plenum, and metal clamping plate. The sample well plate is…

  • Base assembly, for 96-well plate manifold

    Agilent Technologies

    The base accomodates lids that hold either a user-defined selection of flexible cartridges, or fixed format 96-well plates with each well loaded with the same sorbent.

  • illustra GFX 96 PCR Purification Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …85% for PCR products 100 bp to 10 kb in length; salt removal typically ≥ 99%. Prepacked glass fiber matrix 96-well plates are validated for use with Macherey-Nagel NucleoVac 96 vacuum manifold. Avoids ethanol precipitations and hazardous organic extractions. Purified DNA is ready for use…

  • illustra RNAspin 96 Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …suitable vacuum manifolds or suitable centrifuges. For fast and efficient purification in a 96-well format. 96 samples can be parallel-processed with high reproducibility in under 70 min. Integrated wash plate eliminates risk of contamination. Flexible processing by vacuum or centrifugation.…

  • Digital Microdispenser Accessories


    …microtest plates Can be connected to vacuum line for use as an aspirator 7691N80 through N92 Manifolds have delivery spouts on 4.5 mm centers for use with 384-well plates. 7691R10 through R60 Manifolds have delivery spouts on 9 mm centers for use with 96-well plates. 7691R75 Manifold has…

  • 96 & 384 Well Filter Plates


    For use with centrifuge or vacuum manifold Meets proposed SBS standard footprint Design of nozzle prevents cross-contamination Wide skirt accepts bar codes 96 and 384 well filter plates feature rigid side walls of white polystyrene, making the plate ideal for automation. The individual filter…

  • Resprep PPT 96-Well Plates


    …streamlines sample preparation 2.0 mL deep well—suitable for mixing by vortex or pipette 3-way versatility for filtration—compatible with all common devices: Vacuum manifold, Positive pressure manifold, Centrifugation Can also be used to increase throughput in…

  • CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 vacuum manifold


    …valve the vacuum of the manifold can be adjusted leading to an optimum flow rate through the CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 SPE plate. A reservoir tank and 96-well collection plates (96 x 0.5 or 96 x 2 ml) made of polypropylene can be supplied as accessories. An interesting alternative for collection…

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