Uv Quartz Cuvette

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Uv Quartz Cuvette
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  • Standard Rectangular Quartz Cells

    Starna Cells

    Spectrosil® Far UV Quartz windows, Useable range: 170 to 2700 nm Standard rectangular cells or Macro cells, Type 1, are the most common cells used in analytical chemistry. The exterior dimensions allow the cells to be used with virtually every spectrophotometer and photometer instrument…

  • Disposable UV Cuvettes


    …photometers Superior chemical-resistance Disposable cuvettes are ideal for analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins, replacing expensive fragile quartz cuvettes. These disposable cuvettes eliminate the tedious chore of cleaning quartz cuvettes and eliminate cross-contamination risk. Recessed windows…

  • Semi-Micro Cells

    Agilent Technologies

    …length range of interest in the visible range use our low cost Agilent optical quality glass cells, made from exceptionally pure raw materials. Quartz glass gives transmission values of >80% between 200 nm and 2500 nm for an empty cell. Optical glass gives transmission values of >80% between 320…

  • GENESYS™ 10S Spectrophotometer Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    …printer on certain GENESYS models, cuvettes, replacement lamps and pump tubing. Contact your Thomas Scientific representative for specific questions. 335916-000 (Thomas 0880A48) 10mm Single Cell Holder with Baseplate Holds one 10 mm path square cuvette 840-202100 (Thomas…

  • UV-Cuvettes, Ultra-Micro


    …eliminate the tedious maintenance, cleaning, and contamination of quartz  cuvettes. Packaged 100 per pack. Specially designed for photometric determination of  proteins, ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotides in the UV range Ideally suited for measurements at 260 nm, 280 nm and…

  • Thomas Flow Cell, Small Volume, Tablet Dissolution


    Spectrosil® Far UV Quartz window Usable range: 170 to 2700 nm ‘Z’ Dimension: 15 mm Nominal volume: 0.45 mL Feature a rectangular window in a self-masking configuration. Sample chamber (W x L x H): 4 x 10 x 11 mm. The external dimensions for Thomas No. 8495L11…

  • Cuvettes for Spectrophotometry

    Jenway (Bibby Scientific US)

    …extensive range of cuvettes for measuring liquid samples. The cuvette required will depend on the wavelength range required and the sample volume available. Glass cuvettes are only suitable for the visible region, whereas quartz may be used in both the UV and visible region. A 10mm cuvette typically…

  • Flow-Through Cells

    Agilent Technologies

    …oval aperture cells that combine low volume with excellent flow characteristics. These oval flow cells are strongly recommended for automated analyses such as dissolution testing. Black quartz is used in the vicinity of the aperture to ensure that no light passes through the side walls of the cell.

  • Dual Path Cell, Spectrosil

    Starna Cells

    Spectrosil® Far UV Quartz windows, Useable range: 170 to 2700 nm Dual path length cells Types 52 and 53 allow for both fluorescence and absorbance measurements to be made with small volumes with a choice of two path lengths, dependent on the orientation of the cell in the cell holder. All…

  • UV Plate 96 Well, Flat Bottom, Cs 50


    …material molded onto the bottom that is transparent to UV light. This important feature enables researchers to determine nucleic acid and/or protein concentrations in a 96 well format. This eliminates the need for expensive quartz cuvettes and allows for higher throughput at a lower cost. The…

  • Demountable Short Path Length Cells

    Starna Cells

    Spectrosil® Far UV Quartz windows, Useable range: 170 to 2700nm The Type 20 cell is designed for use in applications where a short path length and large window surface area is needed. This cell design is especially useful for opaque or viscose solutions. The cell consists of one fully fused…

  • GeneQuant 1300 Spectrophotometer


    …Samples as low as 3 µl can be analyzed using a capillary cell system. A wide range of standard cuvettes may be used depending on the sensitivity or volume requirements. The 15 mm optical beam height makes the GeneQuant 1300 compatible with low volume quartz and disposable UV plastic cuvettes.

  • Temperature Measurement Kit for PerkinElmer Lambda UV/VIS and UV/VIS/NIR…


    Includes cell changer and one carousel each for glass/quartz and plastic cuvettes. Accessory PCB (L6000500) required for LAMBDA 25/35/45, or PCB (B0509681) required for LAMBDA 10/20/40/Bio, but not included.

  • Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers (FACA-401)


    …sensor and automatic cleaning function Cuvette Washing Station - 8 channels automatic washing station Independent Mixer - ensuring quick and complete reaction Reaction Cuvette - High quality, UV-transmitted plastic cuvettes, or quartz glass cuvettes (optional) Reagent Bottle - More…

  • C40 NanoPhotometer®


    Cuvette Spectroscopy Standard and Microvolume cuvettes (quartz, glass and plastic) Battery powered Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder Maintenance FREE Cuvette Holder with Temperature Control Designed for open measurements: don’t lose time with closing a lid…

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